brutal murder Vienna

A 27-year-old Hungarian woman confessed that she killed a guest worker in Vienna, chopped up his corpse and took the parts to Jászalsószentgyörgy, Hungary, by carsharing.

The man terrorised her

The police station of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county told on a press conference that residents notified them about the suspicious sacks found by biking children in an irrigation canal. Police officers arriving on the spot soon realised that there are body parts in the bags. Therefore, they started to investigate and thanks to the help of the Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences, the Europol, and police forces of the neighbouring countries, they quickly identified the victim – reported. reported that, according to the database of the German authorities, he was a 32-year-old non-Hungarian citizen.

Clues lead to Jászladány where they interrogated P.Sz. and her 51-year-old mother on 25 March as suspects and took them into custody. The 27-year-old woman gave a detailed confession and admitted everything. She said that they met the victim last fall, she fell in love with him and they lived together in a Viennese rent. However, the man became violent and bullied her several times. She stabbed him during a morning fight on 24 February, cut the corpse’s limbs and head off and poured hydrochloric acid on them. Then she took them home from the Austrian capital by using carsharing and tried to

hide the corpse with the help of her mother. 

According to Blikk, the victim was a guest worker. Locals say that police still ask about information on business owners who employed guest workers in the region.

This is not the first brutal murder connected to Hungary during March

As we reported before, residents of Hungarian town Szekszárd found the dead body of a five-year-old girl next to Séd stream two weeks earlier. On 8 March, around 4:30 pm, a young man called the young girl out of her house for an unknown reason to meet him next to the local stream’s shore. When the little girl arrived, the man hit her head several times with something heavy, and the girl died immediately.

The suspected

murderer is the cousin of the young girl,

and the two families lived in a house with the same yard in Szekszárd. It also turned out that in 2017 – when the man was seventeen years old – he was put under trusteeship by the court. The mother of the young girl said that, allegedly, the man raped the girl before he killed her because she was found without her trousers on. The director of the police station in Tolna county did not report anything specific about whether the man was one of the girl’s family members or whether he raped her, but he emphasised that the man was put under trusteeship in 2017, and he also took drugs. The local court of Szekszárd remanded the 19-year-old man in custody.

In fact, the crime of murder is punished with 10–20 years of jail or with a life sentence.


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