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Budapest, December 24 (MTI) – Based on the prosperity of the country, the families and people the past four years may have been the best so far, Speaker of Parliament László Kövér told daily Magyar Idők.

In an interview published in the paper’s Saturday issue, Kövér said the 2010-2014 period was the most successful governing cycle since the transition to democracy in Hungary.

He said he hoped that most Hungarians were looking forward to the new year with more aspirations than before.

On the subject of parliamentary work, Kövér said the legislature’s job was to “take forward the achievements, protect Hungary’s sovereignty, rights and chances against Brussels as well as opposition irresponsibility.”

He said “people expressed their anti-globalist reservations in Britain, Italy and Austria” and Hungarians who “do not want to eat this muck that Brussels has cooked” must hold onto those clear messages. At the same time efforts to recapture national self-determination as a right should not aim to dismantle the European Union. Instead it should strive for “a chance to weigh the interests of national communities against each other in honest and reasonable debates, with the aim of finding optimum compromises.”

Kövér praised the results ethnic Hungarian parties achieved in the Romanian elections and said it is important for Hungary to find ways to build economic ties with Hungarian businesses beyond its borders. In Serbia and Ukraine, this seems to be working, he said, the thriving of Hungarian businesses there helps Serbia and Ukraine as well as the local Hungarian communities.

He said Hungarian-born businessman George Soros and his affiliated European politicians believe that the world is right if “people are mixed up here and there regardless of their language, culture, national identity or religion”, but this is because cut off from their roots, without something to hold onto, they are more easily manipulated, he told the paper.

Source: MTI

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