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The future of Hungary depends on who will win the 2022 general elections, house speaker László Kövér said on commercial broadcaster Inforadio on Friday evening.

Kövér said most MPs of governing Fidesz want and can run in the 2022 elections, but added that decisions on candidates had not yet been taken. He said some politicians might be better able to contribute to the campaign on a national level, as central figures.

Kövér said

he would gladly continue the “campaign of results” in the run-up to the election,

pointing to “successes of which the government can be proud” in the areas of economic policy, employment, family policy and demographic policy.

While the government explains the decisions it took and why, Kövér said he expected the opposition to bring a

“dirtier, meaner campaign”.

He added that social media would have a significance in the 2022 election as in none other before.

Kövér said he spoke with his Chinese counterpart Li Zhanshu online earlier in the day, adding that Hungary’s order for 5 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine from China could mean a breakthrough in the fight against the pandemic.

He said the opposition had not contributed to the pandemic defense in Hungary “even as a gesture”. He added that

left-wing parties are supporting vaccination in a manner that undermines confidence in the very vaccines which Hungary has at its disposal in large number.

Source: MTI

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  1. With so much mud slinging from Fidesz spokespeople, I’m surprised anyone can see. The opposition are cautious, that’s all, nothing more. It’s not ‘the left undermining confidence’. New vaccines bring skepticism, end of. No one really trusts the Sinopharm vaccine yet. I wish the right would stop turning this into a political campaign for their election. All this rhetoric, people will make their own minds up.

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