Budapest (MTI) – Hungary’s political life needs healthy competition, as not even ruling Fidesz can benefit from having no rivals, Parliamentary Speaker Laszlo Kover said on Sunday.

The past 25 years have proved to be so ambiguous because confrontation between one-time groups of elites showed a lack of consensus on fundamental values from the very beginning – a situation that led to a cold civil war rather than democratic debates, Kover told public Kossuth Radio.

“Fidesz needs a normal and balanced opposition that is able to offer genuine options in political debates,” he said in an interview.

On certain issues, however, there is no room for compromise. For instance, families should be given priority and demography issues addressed in any case. “Those who disagree with these priorities are not the opposition of Fidesz but enemies of the nation,” he said.

Kover said there is a need for rejuvenation within Fidesz, though acknowledging the experience of older politicians.

The House speaker said the generational shift in the Socialist Party brought about a decline in standards which the party was unable to manage. As a consequence, Hungary’s Socialists may face the same fate as the Polish left wing, which has disintegrated, he added.

Photo: MTI


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  1. I’m glad Kover came out and mentioned this. I agree, Hungarians at the political level need to put Hungarian people and family interests first. This includes the balance of Hungarian future populations. Whether your Liberal or Conservative this should not be a sticking point if your beliefs are preserving Hungarian interests. The Russians as well as many other nations, openly state that they will only interfere in something if they’re looking after their own interests. They also state that nations must have the right to decide their own interests. Kover here is trying to show that a new branded, hopefully younger opposition will come about that can be a lot less war mongering and more productive in the interest of the nation. The last thing Hungary needs is wasteful and costly infighting. This is what the EC would most certainly like to see, so that they could stop the children from fighting and be the ones who’ll tell Hungary how it’s going to be. For example; ‘Hungary will take on a few hundred unchecked econo-migrants’, NOT!

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