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Photo: MTI/Máthé Zoltán

The public’s trust in democratic institutions is eroding worldwide as there are ongoing efforts aimed at undermining “common, public national trust”, House Speaker László Kövér said on Sunday.

In an interview with public Kossuth Radio, Kövér said a “civil war was being waged in politics worldwide”, by opposing parties using all means at their disposal to achieve their goals, “especially when it comes to discrediting each other”.

Competition has taken over as the only governing principle, he said.

Kövér said that such methods had brought democratic systems on the brink of collapse, adding that smear campaigns harmed not only the elected representatives but also the institutions they were running.

Kövér said he saw dwindling chances for “normalcy” in the Hungarian parliament, or “in the so-called democratic politics.”

Ruling Fidesz, he said, had managed to preserve its independence and avoided having to “sell our independence to the highest bidder” in the past 32 years.

Among the opposition parties, Kövér said the Democratic Coalition “could be said to be somewhat sovereign” so far as it dominates the opposition platform, “[but] not regarding independence from the globalist network it is a part of.”

Kövér insisted that DK and its leader Ferenc Gyurcsány had a vested political interest “in maintaining the war-like state of affairs and taking it to the end”.

DK’s “foreign sponsors are also steering them in this direction,” he said.

Source: MTI

  1. Agree from the perspective and the Relevance of Points that Speaker of the House – Laszlo Kover, his message that this article refers.
    Many Governments have been tried over History, and will be tried in this World of Sin and Woe.
    No one should pretend Democracy is Perfect, or all-wise.
    Indeed it has been said, that Democracy is the worst form of Government, except for ALL those other forms that have been tried throughout the course of History.

  2. Democracy –
    Thankfully is Constantly Reforming – the Other systems are not ///

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