Currently, pre-wedding photo shoot has taken centre stage this is the reason why many couples hire a photographer most of the times for such photo shoot. Every couple which is about to get married always want to get their photos; this is the reason why as a photographer you will need to have the best skills in this area.

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As a photographer, you will, need to be very creative with your photography when you are going to do a pre-wedding photo shoot. You should always try to employ new ideas for your photos to be unique. Photos that are unique are what the couple needs. There are some tips you can use as a photographer to achieve the best results, here are these tips;

  1. Find the best locations for the shoot

It is very important for you to find the best locations to do the photoshoot, there are very many unique locations that can make you get for you to come up with a very unique background and environment for the shoot. You can get to modern city places, or check out some natural landscapes not forgetting the crazy ideas like on rooftops. It is important that you try out very multiple locations to see different results. The timing is also very important and the weather. Different times will bring different effects, for instance, if you decide to do a shoot in the morning, you will get very different results from shooting in the evening.

  1. Use natural light when necessary

Natural light from the sun can really create a very unique effect if you do this at a right angle. You can use a shining sun as a backlight; however, this will need you to be very accurate because it can just blur everything if you don’t do it right.

You should be able to tell a story through your images; like WURE Photographers for weddings, they can help you achieve this and will bring about some very unique photos. This involves moving your subjects in front of the sunlight this will result in some beautiful rays from the background. This can create a very unique photo just if it is done the right way.

  1. Suggest poses for the couple

You should be able to guide the couple in posing for the photos, some of them might not have the best ideas to do so nor might even be shy. A good pose is a trick to best photos. This is the reason they should have a better way to pose for the photos to come out with the best. However, you should not suggest poses that the couple is not familiar with because discomfort will always be reflected on the face hence you should make sure that the couple is very comfortable before you take any shot.

  1. Tell a story in your series of shots

As a photographer, you cannot just keep shooting from one shot to another. The shots should be creating some kind of a story. You should follow some sequence from the start of your shoot to the very last photo. The best way to do this is to take a couple for some hike and document their journey using photographs from the very start of the journey to the end and all their fun moments, if you do this you will come up with very good unique photos that will be telling a story too.

  1. Don’t just focus on the faces

There are many ways you can take these types of photos.  You can break away from the normal way of just shooting the face; you can explore other ways too. What other body parts might be communicating is very important too. You can shoot their hands holding together, you can as well shoot from the back when they are walking, this will give your story and photos a very unique approach

  1. Get the ideas from the couples before you go ahead

This is very important for you to consult the couple before you go for the shoot. Get to know what they like or what they prefer before you go for the shoot. There are people who like specific kinds of environments. Those are the very specific environments that you should direct them into to make sure that they are satisfied with the shoot. However you should not sit back and just watch what they do, you should be able to give those suggestions and advice on the best way to get their photos unique because you are the professional here.  For instance, if they choose a place with too much light you can advise them to get to a better place.

  1. Find the best lenses

If you are coming for a shoot as a photographer, you should carry along a variety of lenses that will enable you to choose among them which are suitable for the job. There are those lenses which are best for close-ups; there are those specific for images in a long range. Remember that the right kind of lens is what produces better images.

  1. Determine the angle in which you use for shooting

This is very important, the angle determines the exposure of the subjects the better the angle, the better the exposure, it is then advisable that you try out and get the best angle before you shoot. The best angles are the ones that are able to complement the features of the subjects. You can choose from the top angle or bottom angle, direct angle or twisted angle. Just make sure that the angle you are using can give you better results.

To sum this up, it is verity important to observe these tips when you go for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Make sure that you carry your best equipment for the best quality. Moreover, it is important that you talk to the subjects before you go for a shoot, this will be able to inform you about their preferences.

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