According to hvg.hu, Eurostat has revealed its statistics about poverty in the European Union’s countries.

Almost a quarter (25.6%) of Hungarians are threatened by poverty or social exclusion. The recently revealed statistics from 2017 are not the same as in 2016.

Eurostat took a step forward and compared all the European Union member states to each other. This way residents can see how poor their country is compared to another one.

Regarding Hungary:

  • Almost a quarter (25.6%) of Hungarians are threatened by poverty or social exclusion. This is the European Union’s eighth highest percentage. The situation is worse in Russia and Italy.
  • Women are more threatened by poverty than men. The rate is 26.1% and 25%. Regarding our women residents, Hungary is at the ninth and regarding our men residents the seventh worse place.
  • There is a 31.6% of child poverty. On this list, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania are in a worse situation.

Elderly people in Hungary are in the best situation. Only 16.8% of 65-year-old and older people are poor, because, unfortunately, many poor people do not live for long. This is the eleventh best data in the Union.

  • Children “are risk factors” regarding poverty. 27.9% of the households with children live in unfortunate circumstances. This percentage of households without children is 23.1%. This is the Union’s sixth worth data, without children the eleventh, which is equal with the average Union rate.
  • Unemployment is the strongest factor regarding poverty. 73.1% of unemployed people live in poor circumstances, which is the third worse data in the European Union. Bulgaria is in the worst situation regarding the unemployment rate.

It can be shocking that Germany has the worst unemployment rate. The explanation is simple: if someone cannot find a job in Germany, which has the strongest labour market, is really in a big trouble.

Source: hvg.hu

  1. Lol. Germany does not have the worst unemployment rate. Are you crazy???

  2. You may as well compare Germany with Hungary regarding Germany’s unemployment rate and Hungary’s poverty rate. I have no idea where these so called critics get their information from, because Hungary is recognised as one of the richest and most prosperous countries in Europe. I believe it’s the opposition parties sticking their noses in to ridicule the country’s.

  3. HVG is a socialist liberal media, so I think I am right. It is also a media that Soros has dealings with. So there you have it.

  4. I’ve lived in Hungary for 10 years now and never seen a building like that before. Be careful of the Socialists and Liberals.

  5. This building is definitely not in Hungary, it’s an overused stock photo from 4 years ago.
    If you want to have better, relevant illustration, I have photos of real buildings from real, Hungarian towns.

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