The United Arab Emirates are not without reason associated with stability and prosperity. The country maintains excellent conditions for the development of entrepreneurial activity thanks to the creation of a number of free economic zones.

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The term free zone means a limited area within a particular region. It receives a special legal status in relation to the rest of the territory and provides entrepreneurs with preferential economic conditions. In the UAE, free zones were established with the aim of stimulating investment flows, enhancing international trade, and also as a tool for creating jobs and an impetus for development modern technology.

Today, free zones operate throughout the country. Only in Dubai there are more than 20 of them.

Some zones were created specifically for a certain type of activity, some encourage the activities of companies of any type.

For example, Ajman Free zone Dubai is known as the cheapest and one of the most profitable for opening trading, consulting and manufacturing enterprises. It features an excellent logical network and a convenient location at the entrance to the Persian Gulf.

The benefits of starting a company in Sharjah free zones

The emirate of Sharjah was inferior to such rich emirate as Abu Dhabi and Dubai by area, by population, by GDP per capita, by the standard of living of local residents.

But the regional authorities did not want to be in the tail, so they turned Sharjah into a national industrial center, where today almost half of the state GDP is produced.

The first Sharjah Dubai free zone named SAIF was formed in 1995. In fact, it instantly became popular among foreign entrepreneurs, because it offered them great opportunities for their business projects.

This free zone has a number of exceptional features, which favorably distinguish it from other OAE free zones:

  • It has an excellent geographical location, which makes it accessible to seaports located in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf, as well as for international passenger and cargo flights. 

  • This is one of the oldest free zones in the UAE, therefore it is distinguished by traditions that have developed over decades and well-adjusted work. 

  • The area of this free zone is really huge, so there is no shortage of infrastructure facilities. 

  • Rental conditions for business premises are flexible. Entrepreneurs can sign a contract for both short and long term. 

  • In the zone, there is a favorable investment and business climate, which allows you to quickly increase the profitability of the company. 

  • Large selection of banking institutions that offer foreigners to open an account here. 

  • Opportunity to open resident and work visas for employees of a company with foreign citizenship. 

  • The willingness of the management of this free economic zone to improve working conditions for entrepreneurs and to respond to their wishes. 

The most effective way to open a company in the UAE

Registration of an enterprise in a foreign country is a responsible mission. It is important to know not just the administrative process, but also to understand the importance of properly building a corporate structure.

That is why the best solution would be to contact a professional consulting agency.

This will help you quickly and efficiently solve issues such as:

  • choosing the right place and type of registered company; 

  • collecting the necessary documents and obtaining a license; 

  • legalization of all necessary documents; 

  • obtaining UAE residence visa or Dominica passport; 

  • opening personal and business bank account; 

  • resolving any issues with local authorities.  

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