No relationship is perfect, as they say. We all have our ups and downs to face with our significant other. What makes a relationship even more challenging is when two people are bounded with distance. Being away from each other changes the routine of communication, dates, and usual hobbies you do together. Moreover, distance is a test of trust and devotion to one another. 

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The idea of being away is upsetting but there are more opportunities and challenges to come to both of you. It makes a relationship more like rocket science because of the things that you have to work on. Long distance relationships are more of a challenge than a problem.

Maintain the sparks in between with these ideas on how to cope up with long distance relationships. 

Always Remember That You’re Committed 

Commitment is a responsibility even when your partner is away. In every action you do, keep in mind that you are with someone but the person is away as of the moment. When you have this mindset, you will not be enticed to cheat or to do something that could trigger a potential fight. Always remember that it’s hard to fight when you’re away from each other. There are a lot of challenges but distance makes the bond stronger. 

Consider it as a Test of Trust

Being bounded by distance is a test of trust.

This is the perfect time to check if you really care for one another. Even when your significant other is away, always be faithful. No other man or woman should leave you mesmerized apart from your partner. Earn the trust of your partner by being loyal to her even when he or she’s away. Besides, when you really love someone, looking at other people should not be the same as looking at the one you love. 

Communicate Regularly 

The key to a strong relationship is regular communication. Be open to one another about each other’s ups and downs. The best comfort you can get on a bad day is from the one person you are most comfortable with. You can schedule video calls for an hour or two a day. Moreover, you can also designate a day where you can talk for long hours. Make sure to be equipped with a smartphone stand to make the video call date worthwhile. 

Plan Surprise Visits

The best way to spice up your long distance relationship is to fill it with surprises.

When you have saved enough money for a plane or boat ticket, pay her a visit when she least expects it. This will melt your partner’s heart because you are exerting efforts just to see him or her. Enjoy quality time together and plan spontaneous dinners, dates, or even a long drive. Make your partner feel that he or she is worth the time and energy. 

Inform Each Other About Schedules

To avoid not knowing each other’s whereabouts, make sure to share schedules. Even if you forgot to message, he still knows that you’re already in school, at work, or running some errands. Start your day by sending a sweet message filled with your plans for the day. It wouldn’t take you an hour to compose a message and inform your partner. Not updating will make them feel less important. 

Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

Your goal is to build dreams with your partner. In spite of the distance, you should set your mindset that this is for the best of your future. Instead of loathing and feeling blue because of the distance, use it as an inspiration to keep you going. Find motivation by remembering why you were there in the first place. Build a brighter future for both of you and keep your eyes straight to the goal. 

Hold on to the Memories of Togetherness

When you miss your love, it’s best to reminisce the times you had fun together.

Scan your pictures together and imagine how many ups and downs have you been through.

It makes you sad and happy at the same time. For the time being, you can do the things you usually do together except you’re doing it alone for now. You can write on a diary the things you want to tell her and save it all until the next time you see each other. 

Do Things Together Even When You’re Apart 

When you’re on a video call date, you can still do things together like watch a movie, listen to music, and eat. This will make both of you feel like you’re just sitting next to each other. This will increase more bonding time for the two of you to spend. No matter when and where a date is, it’s a date when you do it together. Besides, it’s the thought that counts. It’s a good thing that we have gadgets and social media sites that we can use to make these virtual dates happen. 

Set Some Ground Rules 

To avoid fights and misunderstandings, it’s best to set some ground rules.

It may seem obvious when it comes to the do’s and don’ts, but it’s better to be clear. Give each other your idea of limitations when it comes to hanging out with other people, partying, and late night drives. Or if the situation is unavoidable, learn how to compromise. Always remember how your partner would feel when you do such things. 


Even with the distance, know that love can conquer all. If you really love one another, no distance can ruin what you have. This is a test of patience, determination, and trust. Consider long distance relationships as a challenge. Besides, with the products of advanced technology, there are ways on how you can communicate efficiently with one another. 

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