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Whether you are in the middle of the big project or working with a deadline, it can be frustrating when your hard drive sound clicks click and click beeping. Hearing the hard drive beeping sound is not a fun thing; it’s frustrating. Right?

If you have ever wondered about the common causes of clicking sound and how to fix a clicking hard drive, you will find everything. This article explains two main reasons for beeping with an ultimate guide.

The Common causes of beeping and how to fix clicking hard drive?

I think you hear the sound of beeping from your hard drive and want to fix them for some days or one hour. There can be two reasons for keeping. First is the Electronic issue, and the second can be the  Broken hard drive. Let’s see what these two things are and how you can fix them accurately. 

  1. The Electrical difficulties

Sometimes the sound click clicks and click beeping can happen for the electronic issues if the hard drive can not get enough power supply. If you face this issue with a hard drive, you can check by the other power supply. As well as the hard drive circuit board can also be an issue. So, make sure you tested all of these things.

  1. Broken the hard drive

After testing the electronic problem of enough power supply, tested with another power supply and circuit board, you need to understand why it is broken on the hard drive? 

How can you understand the problem of a broken hard drive or not?

Firstly, you need to connect the hard drive USB using the SATA data cable then observe the sound of beeping.

If you hear the sound, click-click-click beeping, chances that your disk head has gotten stuck on the plotter. You need to relive it manually to get it working again and make sure you don’t damage your disk or data.

How can you fix the broken hard drive?

First, you need to open the disk carefully not to damage the cover or the plotter. Because the platter is located beneath the surface, you might need a bit of research to find all the screws on the body because Some of the screws are usually hidden underneath the label. 

You could simply remove the label to reveal all the screws, or you can carefully trace the hidden screws from the top of the level and unscrew them. After screwing them, you need to get it off the platter manually, and then you need to use a screwdriver to locate the screw right in the middle of the platter. It should spin the platter and gently push the disk head to the lands. After doing the process, carefully return all the screws. 

Final thought

I hope you enjoyed the step by step process of Fixing a clicking hard drive with an Ultimate guide. If you notice the whole process, it’s easy to set. If you follow the step by step guide, you can improve the beeping issue. 

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  1. Easier fix…throw it out and replace with an SSD.
    PS. If you need a good proof reader I’m available.

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