Budapest Marathon
Budapest Marathon, Budapest, Hungary. Photo: MTI

It’s perfectly normal to implement some form of a bad habit in life no matter what you do. If you have some controlling bad habits while running, don’t bother to get upset since even the most professional athletes have them as well. Before, during and after your run you need to pay attention to numerous things in order to boost your performance and get the desired goals. Whether it is to incorporate a healthier diet regime, to wear better clothes or simply to watch the way you breathe and move, here are some productive and useful ways to overcome them.

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Intake the right “fuels”

Even if this might sound like a mundane thing to do, but paying close attention to what you eat is of vital importance. According to Runner Click, proper nutrition is an essential thing for any professional runner. Delegate your meals properly. Fuel your body prior and after the run accordingly, and don’t consume empty calories. Strive to eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

Avoid processed foods, saturated fats, and too salty and sugary foods. Snack only rich carbohydrates and never let your body get out of “fuel”.

Keep an eye on your hands and movement as your run

There is a proper position that would give you the necessary speed and boost as you run. To keep the right form as you run, you need to, first of all, keep your arms bent at a 90-degree angle, and try not to cross your arms over the midline of your body since this will only get you worked up. The key is not to waste energy on uncontrollable arm movements, so only shake your arms from now and then to get the blood flow. Also, don’t clench your fists, and always strive to keep a steady, relaxed and upright position of your whole body as you run.

Always stretch and cool down

Warming-up prior to running and cooling down your body afterward can not only help you avoid innumerable injuries, but it will also give to the agility and enable you to run in a more dynamic and energetic way.

Before you run, walk for a mile, do a few runners stretching exercises like lunges, hamstrings, shoulders and calf stretch. Later, do a few squats, leg swings, and skips. After you have finished with your training, cool down by doing the standing side stretch and the forward hang. This will help you maintain your flexibility and feel more uplifted and agile.


Not getting enough sleep or rest is the worst thing that every athlete can do. Proper rest, just like nutrition, is your fuel, so every time you push harder to beat your previous running time, make sure that you spend as much time resting and sleeping. Whenever you feel distorted or run down after running, make sure that you rest adequately. Rest goes hand in hand with success, and our bodies are designed to need rest in order to recuperate strength and rebuild muscles. Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night and have at least 2 rest days per week.

Don’t push yourself and drink plenty of water

Trying to run faster and faster each day is probably one of the worst habits a runner can acquire. To get faster and stronger, our bodies don’t require speed, on the contrary, they require rest. Instead of pushing yourself harder and harder each training, strive to rest more, keep a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Combat any signs of dehydration as you run while drinking enough water before, during and water your run.

What is more, pay careful attention to the amount of water you drink during the day since water gives you stamina and energy to believe it or not.

Fight off those negative running habits by following the above-mentioned tips. With patience, diligence and persistence, you will surely boost up your performance, improve your speed and achieve better results.

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