Budapest is thought to be a remarkably cheaper city compared to other European cities. At the same time, it is often called one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. These are already two good reasons why the Hungarian capital has to be in your proximate travel plans! This city can offer budget travellers a wide range of choice in affordable accommodation and a variety of free things to do and see. The Culture Trip indicates some ways that will help you to make the most of your holidays in Budapest without breaking the budget.

Getting around the city

First, choose the public transport! Budapest has a vibrant public transportation system that makes it a convenient choice to get around the city. Even though single tickets are cheap, there is also a number of tickets for a better investment of money. Depending on your journey planning, you get to choose among group passes, 24-hour travel cards or even the Budapest Card, which is a pass that allows you to travel unlimitedly for either 24, 48 or 72 hours. The Budapest Card at the same time offers free entrance to various museums and the Lukács Thermal Baths.

Using public transport might save you time, although choosing to walk the city has plenty of advantages. If the weather allows and you have enough time, exploring by foot is a great choice! Budapest is a really walkable city with relative proximity among its main attractions. Needless to say, walking around the city will save you money and will give you the chance to take many photos of its picturesque beauty.

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Why not even join a free walking tour!

Things to do and see

As a city with a rich history, Budapest offers a variety of free cultural activities! Visits at many admirable sights are free of charge. To list a few of them, one can see St Stephen’s Basilica, the Fisherman’s Bastion, Heroes Square and the Chain Bridge. Besides these iconic monuments, you can take a tour around the city’s streets and appreciate all the beautiful buildings, such as the Buda Castle and the Hungarian Parliament Building.

At the same time, in Budapest, you can find many parks and large green areas. The Culture Trip suggests you can either make a trip to the Buda Hills to enjoy the outstanding panoramic view of the city, or explore Margaret Island and City Park to let yourself breathe some fresh air and relax in a natural scenery. Planning a low-cost picnic over there isn’t a bad idea, is it?

Eating and Drinking

Restaurants in Budapest are quite affordable; however, choosing the daily menu that restaurants’ offer will most likely cost less than ordering from the main menu. Many restaurants offer daily menus that include 2 or 3 dishes, at a fixed price, that are equally delicious as the rest of the dishes!

budapest market food gastronomy building

Moreover, picking up something to eat from the different Food Markets that the city hosts is the ideal solution for a cheap, tasty and local food experience! The Great Market Hall is the most iconic market of the city, while Lehel Tér Market is a more budget-friendly one.


Last but not least, choosing where to stay is luckily not an expensive procedure. The city offers a wide variety of hotels with moderate prices; however, hostels are always the cheapest choice. Furthermore, if you want to save money on eating out for every meal, you can choose hostels that offer a kitchen area. Plus, hostels are always a fantastic way to meet new people and make new friends!

Broadening your horizons and exploring new places doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Who said cheap destinations couldn’t offer an outsized experience? Keep in mind; it is always as affordable as you make it!

Written by Rafaella Stavrinou

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