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The U.S. exit from the World Health Organization (WHO) would undermine international efforts to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic that guarantee public health and save lives, officials and experts across the world have warned.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday that his country is “terminating” its relationship with the WHO. The announcement came days after the White House, in a letter to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, threatened to make the temporary freeze of U.S. funding “permanent” and reconsider its membership in the organization.

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Experts have voiced concerns over the decision made by the U.S. government, saying the move is undermining the irreplaceable role of the WHO in coordinating global efforts in combating COVID-19 and delivering necessary aid to developing and particularly under-developed countries whose public health systems are very vulnerable.

For those countries which are still struggling with the rising COVID-19 cases and are highly dependent on the guidance, equipment and concrete life-saving services provided by the WHO, the U.S. funding freeze is no doubt a fatal shock, they said.

Dad Mohammad Annabi, an Afghan researcher and editor-in-chief of the Islah Daily, said: “Cutting more than 400 million U.S. dollars to the WHO definitely would undermine the global health agency’s performances including the war on COVID-19 and research on how to make a vaccine to cure the killing disease in the world.”

“Afghanistan is part of the international community and like other nations has been fighting COVID-19, and certainly a financial cut to the WHO would undermine the entity’s support to Afghanistan,” Annabi said.

Trump’s plan has also triggered widespread criticism from the international community, even from the traditional allies of the United States. The U.S. exit from the WHO is contrary to multilateralism and would disrupt global efforts to fight against the virus, especially those in vaccine development.

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Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, and Josep Borrell, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said in a statement that

“the WHO needs to continue being able to lead the international response to pandemics, current and future.”

“For this, the participation and support of all is required and very much needed. In the face of this global threat, now is the time for enhanced cooperation and common solutions. Actions that weaken international results must be avoided,” they said in the statement.

“In this context, we urge the U.S. to reconsider its announced decision,” they said in the statement.

Irish Minister for Health Simon Harris described Trump’s plan to cut ties with the WHO as an “awful decision” on Twitter.

“Awful decision. Now more than ever the world needs multilateralism. A global pandemic requires the world to work together,” Harris tweeted.

Apart from criticism from the international community, Trump’s announcement also triggered disagreement across the United States. The country alone has reported more than 1.7 million COVID-19 cases with over 104,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. Both figures are far higher than those in any other country or region.

Lawrence Gostin, a professor of global health law and director of the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University, described the move as “foolish and arrogant” on Twitter.

“Trump’s action is an enormous disruption and distraction during an unprecedented health crisis,” said Gostin, also the director of the WHO collaborating center on national and global health law.

“The President has made us less safe.”

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia said that “the United States cannot eliminate this virus on its own and to withdraw from the World Health Organization — the world’s leading public health body — is nothing short of reckless.”

Source: Xinhua

  1. What I cannot understand is why excellent U.S. Presidents like Abraham Lincoln and J.F.K. were assassinated ‘in office’ whilst a narcissistic, ignorant, self-opinionated and reckless half-wit like ‘Racoon Head’ Trump not only continues on his present dangerous path but could also win the forth-coming U.S. Presidential election.

    Are U.S. citizens so totally stupid that they fail to understand the damage done by this idiot – not only within the U.S.A. but also world-wide ?

    If so, perhaps Trump is actually the Anti-Christ and it is not God who ‘blesses America’ but rather the Devil who ‘curses it’ – and the rest of the world.

  2. I think Trump is crazy. I also believe that for far to long, the US government has given too much money away that is not theirs to give. Taxpayers provide the funds. I do not give one whit for the less-than-useless and redundant UN. Amnesty International is equally useless. These “edicts” are decades old and need to be rewritten whereby each nation spends the identical amount of money. These “developing” countries and been “developing” for years and years and have not progressed at. The US, in self pride and arrogance, has been more concerned with looking good to other nations, that they have forgotten who they serve. They serve the taxpayers of the US. We are not the giant ATM of the sky.

  3. Steadfast is my opinion, the Shambles that America finds it-self to-day.
    My commentary, remains unwavering the diabolic internal imploding MESS, that America is seen by the World at this time.
    The 45th elected President of the United States of America – the infamous – Donald. J. Trump, was prior to the outbreak of this novel coronavirus pandemic, leading America rapidly into an abyss.
    The performance exhibited by Trump, his countless failures and inabilities to occupy the office of the Presidency of America, a country with a population of 331 million human beings, is a Tragedy.
    Trumps incompetency and lack of intellectual capacity, is being Highlighted to the World, not just from his policies in the control and management of this novel coronavirus pandemic, with over 106,000 deaths of Americans, recorded under his Presidency, but the internal anger and aggression, being witnessed in the 50 states of America at this time.
    The fatal tragic death of the human being, head smashed into “mother earth” by a “supposed” police officer who should be an example of beholding the law in a rightful and civil way, the country’s breakout into rage anger frustration, is the expansion of America’s civilization, knowing it has a catastrophic disastrous President, who is completely out of touch with them – his Country, and the greater World.
    What is being witnessed in America has been simmering for some time and NOW the increased numbers of the population of America, have had enough and time to let off steam, and vet there anger and disappointment directed at there incompetent President.
    Trump will be voted out of office this coming November – disgraced, leaving in excess of 200,000 deaths as one of his lasting legacy, in a Failed and Disastrous one term Presidency.
    America, the need to up-date it’s Political System, especially focused on the antiquated procedures in there election of a President, which Trump, came out as victor, or the chosen one, to be elected there 45th President.
    Those of the American population – who voted at the last Presidential elections, the number of votes cast, did not total that Trump was the winner.
    Trump did not get a clear mandate from those Americans that bothered to vote, to be there President.
    The vote winner or peoples preferred chose was – Hilary Diane Rodham Clinton, but America being America – Presidents are appointed when in fact they are NOT by weight of voting numbers, who the population wants as there President.
    America can’t play a BLAME GAME, as they can make change in there Political Systems of Government Structure, that if there Political System, was BLOOD HARDENED CONGEALED DEMOCRATIC, they would not have the “DUD” that is there 45th elected President.
    The rapidly increasing number of un-employed in excess of 49 million currently, the on-going deaths from this novel coronavirus pandemic, the broadsheet economy of America in disarray, and a President who is out of touch out of favour, and losing population support at a rapid accelerated pace, these are but a few key elements that highlight the abyss that America is tumbling into.
    It’s direction could be said as Perilous.
    Trump, throughout this on-going novel coronavirus pandemic, has totally disregarded Scientific Medical Advice, and his decision to “sack ” or “bail out” of the WHO is another clear example of his total misunderstanding and Respect for Medical Science, and arrogance of attitude that is his behavioural pattern.
    The World, needs to open wider it’s eyes, to America, who desperately NEEDS the HELP from all sectors of the Globe – Allies & other.
    America, must be prepared to Lisen and Compromise, because if it continues in the path and direction of rapid internal collapse presently observed, and strained global relationships, the abyss, a mere shadow, of it’s once respected global position as a country, that it’s fall from grace, as empires throughout History have evidenced, bought down by it’s own inabilities to self manage and govern it-self and it’s peoples.
    Stay Well – ALL.

  4. The US has every right to pull out. It is and was totally unfair to pay and agency 480 million dollars when China paid 40 million.
    The WHO also distributed false information on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party about transfer of virus. Remember Chinese Communist Party stopped flights from Wuhan to the rest of the country but not abroad, thereby, spreading the infection to 184 countries.
    The WHO also spent over 200 million dollars on travel, how did that help to eradicate the virus?
    The countries criticizing the US should check out the performance of the WHO before criticizing.

  5. Reading the last comment, I’m reminded of “The Sound of Music” :

    ” I hate to have to say it,
    But I very firmly feel,
    Maria’s not an asset ….

    Maria makes me laugh !

    How do you solve a problem like Maria ?”

    Who knows.

    As for the U.S.A., it’s about time that it ‘went away’ – which under the ‘leadership’ of Buffoon Trump is now literally happening.

  6. Maria Von Theresa, the comments presented by : Istvan, Sally & Gary – there opinions rest comfortable in acceptance by me.
    The position or angle your comments present, take on a totally different perspective in relation to this article, which I believe, we all have concern.
    I respect your opinion and if it is Factorially correct, which I have no doubt it is, the points you raise are Disgraceful.
    If this has occurred, the ramifications from it’s investigation should be dealt with, in the strongest form of legal process implementation.
    This time, in the History of the World and Mankind, is not the time for abuse cheating falsification or out right un-truths especially when it is being talked about occurring within Medical or Scientific institutions, charged with Global responsibilities.
    Truth will prevail and those who have strayed or wronged may they pay, by legal process, severely for there sins/crimes.
    This is a situation abusing mankind and actions deemed necessary if countries or individuals are found to have wronged, then the punishment handed down must reflect the seriousness of the crime.

  7. President Trump is one of the very best Presidents ever, and this decision is long over-due. WHO and the entire UN love money from the USA, but hate the USA. WHO did whatever the communists in China wanted to hide C19 until it spread all over the Earth. The people and government of the USA would be fools to keep giving money to an incompetent and anti-US organization such as WHO. Of course, the radical leftists and desperate to prevent President Trump and all of us who support him from being successful. They are losing. By the time he completes his second term, he will have nominated close to 500 younger judges who respect and preserve freedom and our God-given Constitution. If you live in Europe, you need to make the effort to get accurate news, not just the junk put out by the radical leftists.

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