According to, big developments are on the way in Kisvárda, the home town of Miklós Seszták, Minister of National Development. Besides the sports investments, touristic developments have also been launched. After the water film studio, upside-down village museum and lookout-tower, the newest plan is to build a huge slide park in the local bath.

The website came across the document on the page of the Public Procurement Authority. Even though it’s only the proof of a future investment, it is quite probable that the municipality will go for a huge entertainment park. The task will be the construction of a slide park, made up of 14 slide units that reach a length of 1070 metres. The winning company will have nine months to execute the plans.

During the procedure, the most important aspects will be the net price offer and the undertaken deadline. Applicants have to be able to attest an income of 350 million forints (~EUR 1m) from previous slide constructions. Moreover, applicants need to have a reference of at least one project that included 10 elements, a total length of 700 metres and the minimum of 7 types of slides.

The offer call doesn’t include an estimated price; however, it recently turned out that another slide park would be built in Mezőkövesd. It only has 5 elements, but it received a state fund of 600 million forints (~EUR 1.9m). So if we count proportionately, the Kisvárda project of 14 slides will cost around 1.5 billion forints (~EUR 4.9m).

But what would the 14 slides signify? Well, Hungary’s biggest slide park is found in Mogyoród. It has 26 slides, which is followed by the Hajdúszoboszló Aquapark’s 15 slides. The new complex of Kisvárda would be a bronze medallist along with the slide park of Sárvár.

For that matter, the region is not ill provided with aquaparks. Among others, there’s one in Vásárosnamény (25 km), Nyíregyháza (45 km), Sárospatak (45 km) and Hajdúszoboszló (11 km).

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