Water slides are the perfect means to bring out your inner child, but still feel adventurous, if the slide happens to be really long or fast. collected some of the best Hungarian water slides that you should try out during this summer.

Summer is taking its time to arrive, but the weather is nicer and nicer as days pass. As the beach season and vacation is near, kids are impatient to go swimming. For them, entertainment is just as important as resting.

Demjén Cascade is gaining popularity in the recent years, where apart from a spa and cave bath, you will find a nice aqua park as well. The Cascade has a 24 metres wide, 25 metres deep slide-tower, built into a hill, with 550 metres sliding surface. The aqua park has kamikaze slides and a divided slide. What’s more, it is the film Avatar that inspired the cave bath.

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AquaCity Zalaegerszeg has ten huge slides; two of its adventure slides is spiralling over 100 metres. Visitors’ favourite is the “Crazy River”, which is the longest slide, about 120 metres. The bravest can try out the 100 metres long “Black Hole”, the speedy “Hydrotube”, the “Kamikaze” reaching to the sky, and the intertwining “Twister” slide system.


You will find that Aquaworld Resort is the all-time favourite of families in Budapest. The aqua park is open in all seasons and welcomes guests with eleven slides. The length of these combined is 1 kilometres. Since Aquaworld Resort is roofed, not even the bad weather can stop you from trying out “Kamikaze” or “UFO”.


Aquaticum Debrecen’s closed slides are in a Mediterranean environment, all of them are 9 metres high, with a 28-30 Celsius degrees warm pool at their ends. If you are up for a zippy and scary adventure, then the “Kamikaze” slide is just for you, but if you are less interested in crazy slides, then you can try out the hydro slide, or the red family slide. If you are curious about what the Aquaticum has to offer, then you can try out their services with a 15% discount for the complex tickets until the 13th of June.


Bükkszék Spa is especially for those who like beaches and taking a relaxing dip in the pool. You are guaranteed to return after you’ve tried the round pool, filled with 39 Celsius degree Salvus water, and experienced the village’s unique atmosphere. The spa is equipped with different pools: one filled with thermal water, one for swimming, one for adventures, one for kids, and one slide park with one of the longest slides (136 metres) of Central Europe.

Napfényfürdő Aquapolis awaits you at Szeged with a spa and a beach, along with thirteen slides, the length of which put together is 1000 metres. The reason why it’s so popular is because of the 272 long closed slide, which springs from a 30-metre tall tower. This slide is Europe’s longest one that is open all year. There is also a 233-metre long slide with a “Kamikaze” section.


You may have heard about Hungarospa Hajduszoboszló, as it is Europe’s biggest spa complex, with a thermal bath, a beach, an aqua park, swimming pools and roofed spa. It’s also Hungary’s oldest slide park, with fifteen slides altogether, all of them different. There is a four-lane racing slide, a kamikaze slide, a hydro slide, a huge twisted slide, Black Hole, Crazy River, Big Hole, one named Niagara and another, Twister. Since 2014, there is an “extreme zone”, with six new slides: Freefall Tunnel, Water Loop, Super Wave, Tsunami, Spaceship and Water Tube.


Atlantika Vízividámpark has seven giant slides and seven pools for those in need of relaxation. There is a swimming pool, a wave pool, spas for kids and two kids’ pools, double kamikaze and three anaconda slides for those less adventurous. It also has the Shuttle, which is unique in Hungary, as you will slide 50 metres on a two-lane slide on a bob.

Mogyoród’s Aquarena lies on an 11,5-hectare land, on which you will find 26 slides. The length of the slides added together is 1,5 kilometres long, they will take you on an adventure both above ground levels and underground as well, with interesting sights on your journey. Furthermore, you will find plenty to do even if you don’t want to get wet.

Szent Erzsébet Spa is located near Szeged, in the heart of Mórahalom. The spa focuses mainly on thermal baths and wellness, but it also has roofed and outdoor pools on a 10.000 m2 green area. It’s the perfect place if you want to boost your health or to relax and wind down, or if you want to try out some water sports. The kids’ spa is exciting because of its two indoor slides, one of which exits the building, then returns for the splash. The length of the slides added together is 200 metres, one of them is 90 metres, the other is 110 metres long.



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