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Jófogás, a Hungarian small ad website made it into the top 100 classified and marketplace sites in the world. We wrote about the company before, in our list of the coolest offices, and by means of representing their wide range of products, we posted about a unique offer as well. Now reports that Jófogás finished 29. on the global list of advertising websites. What is more, the company is not only successful but also environmentally friendly as they recently launched a conscious DIY project.

Global success

The AIM Group published for the first time its annual list of the top 100 global classified and marketplace sites in the world. They compared the number of monthly visits and unique visitors with the number of internet users in the given country. The American website, Craigslist took the first place, followed by Avito from Russia and the Chinese

From Hungary, Jófogás was the only website that made it to list, however it ranked 29th.

The AIM Group estimated the number of Hungarian internet users to 7.8 million and analysed the visitor data of Jófogás in this relation. With 19.1 million visits monthly and 3.9 million unique visitors, Jófogás reached the 29th place, barely missing the top 25. Thus they even overtook Finish, Czech, Mexican, Moroccan and Swiss companies.

Advertising environmental protection

Aside from the recent global achievement, Jófogás also stands out with its environmentally conscious DI

Y website. Recognising that we live in the time of DIY projects, yet it is hard to execute these without buying an excessive amount of base products,

Jófogás launched a DIY site focusing on recycling and reusing, reports. Lilla Varjú, the marketing director of Schibsted Media Hungary that operates Jófogás, was one of the leading creators of the company. She believes that by reusing different objects, we give them a new function and possibility to bring joy into our lives. The website has videos explaining how to create something new from old household products and thus exemplifies that protecting the environment can be both useful and pleasant.

You do not have to worry if you really like an idea but lack the resources. Jófogás made packages with everything that you might need for a particular project. And how can you get them? Well, not for money.

Jófogás gives away the packages for free, if you post 10 new ads on their site.

This way you can enter the cycle of reusing instead of increasing the amount of waste. Earlier we already wrote about the new Hungarian idea to create concrete out of plastic, so it is high time we make our DIY projects environmentally friendly as well.


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