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In most cases, substance abuse starts during adolescence. Unfortunately, this habit has a great effect on adult mortality and morbidity. Smoking and alcohol abuse are the most frequent drugs abuse trends among adolescents in Hungary. Synthetic drugs are very popular in Hungary. For instance, Hungary comes second in terms of synthetic herbal and cannabis consumption after Poland. 

Some of the major motivations for their use among teens include significant predictors of drinking and smoking. But, though influences on drinking and smoking for girls and boys may be common, gender differences on the basis of motives for drug use exist.

According to research, there is no difference in smoking prevalence between boys and girls. However, more Hungarian boys admitted to being alcohol consumers than girls. Out of all study subjects, 34% of both boys and girls were smokers. 78% of boys were drinking alcohol while 64% of girls admitted to having been drinking.

Why Substance Abuse is Dangerous for Teens

Teens are at a very important stage of their mental, emotional and physical development. Abusing alcohol or drugs like cigarettes on a regular basis before complete development of the brain can increase the chances of becoming an addict. For example, suboxone addiction causes horrific side effects. Thus, treating the drug abuse problem can be a challenge if it is not detected early.

Unfortunately, secrecy and denial about the substance abuse problem are very common among adolescents. In most cases, it is guardians or parents that seek treatment for adolescents. Special and age-specific programs that cater to the drug abuse problems of teenagers, as well as young adults, can help with problematic alcohol and drug usage. It can also enhance recovery. Fortunately, there are rehabs that can help with recovery from drug addiction among teens.

How Rehabilitation Programs Help

Teen Rehab Centers (AddictionResource gives additional hints) provide programs that are designed with keen attention to the specific needs of teenagers. These are the best option for teens that want to beat addiction. These centers provide psychological and medical treatment to teens with addiction problems. They also address conditions and underlying causes of the substance use problem.

What’s more, these centers help with illegal activities that are connected to substance abuse such as crimes and suicide contemplation. An ideal treatment center for teens involves detoxification to flush out the toxic substances from the bodies of teens. This can take several days during which the addicted teens can experience varying withdrawal symptoms.

Teens at the rehab center also undergo group and individual counseling. During the counseling sessions, teens discuss the recovery process and root causes of the problem. They also open up about their feelings. Additionally, they get a support structure that helps with their recovery process.

Parents are also involved in family therapy. These facilities also allow parents a chance to look at the progress that teens make at the rehab clinics. Thus, family plays a crucial role in the recovery of the addicted teens.

Currently, there are many rehab facilities for teens. Each teen has varying concerns that can influence their choice. Therefore, parents should ask their teens several questions when choosing a rehab facility and program for them.

Why Teenage Rehab is Important for Teens with Addiction

The brain of an adolescent is not the same as that of an adult in terms of development. Research has shown that teens have brains that are inherently vulnerable to the risk-taking activities. This can be attributed to the fact that the behavior controlling parts of the brains of these kids are still changing and growing at this age.

This inherent vulnerability to taking risks makes adolescents slightly prone to trying out different drugs.

It also makes teens less likely to different treatment programs that are designed for fully mature adults. As such, teens with substance abuse problems and addiction should enroll for treatment programs that are specifically designed for them.

A teenage rehabilitation center provides programs that feature therapies that help combat relapse. Therapy sessions focus on explaining addiction mechanics and risks of frequent use of drugs. The hope of therapists is to help teens build up the necessary skills to enable them to resist relapse even when tempted to use the addicted substance again.

What Happens at the Teenagers Rehab Centers?

In addition to skill-building, teenagers rehab and programs provide care to the body and minds of teens. Instead of just focusing on the drug abuse problem, these programs provide therapies for several issues.

These include:

  • Physical issues like hepatitis and HIV infection

  • Co-occurring mental health problems like suicidal tendencies and depression

  • Family trauma

  • Educational gaps that make teens more vulnerable

  • Bad socialization skills manifested as defiance or anger

  • Malnutrition and homelessness

To ensure that these and other issues that relate to drug abuse are addressed fully, these facilities can include social workers, counselors, nurses, coaches, teachers, and therapists. So, if you have a teen that is battling addiction, take them to a reputable teenage drug rehabilitation center to enhance their recovery.

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