Houston, 2017. augusztus 29. Mentõcsónakok az árvízzel elöntött Tidwell Roadon a texasi Houstonban 2017. augusztus 28-án, három nappal azután, hogy a heves esõzéssel kísért Harvey hurrikán végigsöpört a texasi partvidéken. A trópusi viharrá szelídült hurrikán pusztításai nyomán Texas állam 62 megyéje vált katasztrófa sújtotta területté. (MTI/AP/David J. Phillip)

Aid workers of the Hungarian Baptist Charity have started work in Nederland, Texas, in the area savaged by hurricane Harvey.

The group of three joined the North Carolina team Rescue24 to set up a complex humanitarian base. From Monday, the base is to provide 40,000 meals and is equipped to offer bathroom and laundry facilities without relying on local infrastructure.

On August 25, hurricane Harvey made landfall near Rockport, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico. The category 4 hurricane has so far caused 50 confirmed deaths in the US and major floods in Houston, the most populous city of the state.

Hungarian aid workers have cooperated in relief efforts after hurricanes in the US on four occasions since 2005, the Baptist Charity said.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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