(MTI) – Ukraine’s foreign ministry on Tuesday summoned Hungary’s ambassador and voiced concern over recent remarks by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban about the necessity of autonomy and dual citizenship for ethnic Hungarians in that country, news agency Interfax-Ukraina reported.

According to the report, ministry spokesman Yevhen Perebiynis told a press conference that Orban’s remarks were not in line with Ukraine’s rules, and said that the Hungarian PM’s words did not help reverse the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine nor did they contribute to stability.

The spokesman called on the Ukrainian foreign ministry’s Hungarian partner to “considerately” approach “such sensitive issues” as policies concerning ethnic communities.

Perebiynis, however, welcomed the Hungarian foreign ministry’s condemning the radical nationalist Jobbik party’s “provocative” remarks concerning the subject.

At MTI’s inquiry, the Hungarian foreign ministry confirmed the Ukrainian report. “Hungary’s position is clear,” Gabor Kaleta, the ministry’s press chief, said, and added that the ambassador had presented that position to the Ukrainian party.

After his re-election as prime minister last Saturday, Orban said that ethnic Hungarians were entitled to dual citizenship, community rights and autonomy. “These are topical issues in light of the situation in neighbouring Ukraine where a 200,000-strong ethnic Hungarians live,” he added.

Photo: www.magyartudat.com

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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