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Szandra Pataki produced her thesis film in 2016 for the Budapest Metropolitan University’s Animation BA. Since then the filmWireless has been invited to over 20 festivals and won such awards as the Hungarian Film Awards in the animations category. Until now the thesis film could only be seen at these festivals, but now the film is available online, reports.

The Wireless is an animation film made with stop motion technique. It is set in a world, where everything is made of the same infinitely long wire. The protagonist is a greedy man-shaped tangle of wires, trying to get the wire in front of him for himself. As he gets more and more wire, he becomes more powerful.

The film is about 7 minutes long, and there is a lot of suspense building up through it, we have a constantly bad feeling which is strengthened by the ominous music. The director, Szandra Pataki says that we all feed on each other in mental, emotional, physical or financial forms, and she wanted to portray this in her film. It was also important for her that the film would be open to interpretations, which is why no one has a face in Wireless.


Pataki’s film was on the Cannes Film festival in the Short Film Corner programme, the Primanima World Festival of First Animations, the Festival Stop Motion in Canada and the Supertoon animations film festival in Croatia. But this list is only a small part of all the festivals the film has been invited to. They have won several awards. This February they won the Hungarian film critics’ award for the best short animation film. At the 2017 Slow Film Festival, Wireless won the award for the best animation, and they were also awarded on the Womanimation festival in the USA.

The creative team working on the film was made up of Szandra Pataki, Krisztina Kubinyi and Noémi Márton. Péter Tornyai made the music, the operator was Sándor Nemes.

Here is a video about how the film was made.

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