Budapest, April 25 (MTI) – For the first time in several decades, Hungarian works of art, ones by Tibor Hajas and Attila Csörgő, will feature at the central exhibition of the Venice Biennale, starting on May 13, organisers told a press briefing on Tuesday.

The Hungarian pavilion will host the work of Gyula Várnai, curated by Zsolt Petrányi, titled “Peace on Earth!”, state secretary for culture Péter Hoppál said.

Petrányi said that the installation would be a reconstruction of a giant neon sign reading “Békét a világnak!” (Peace on Earth!), which crowned the highest building of central Hungary’s Dunaújváros, a “socialist” model city during the Communist era. Other objects also draw on the science-fiction culture of the 60-70s to address current dilemmas, he said.

The 57th International Art Exhibition, entitled Viva Arte Viva! (Long live the living arts!), will be open to the public until November 26, with 85 countries participating.

Hungary’s participation will cost a total of 76.8 million forints (EUR 246,230), the state secretary said.

Source: MTI

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