József Major Hungarian athlete reached second place of Ironman Mar Del Plata in Argentina. He biked and ran from a position of disadvantage. He finished the run consisting of 3.9 km of swimming, 180 km of biking and 42 km of running in 8 hours 26 minutes and 3 seconds, reports

The seven-time Hungarian champion triathlon sportsman was quite behind his rivals during the swimming, his weakest discipline. Marr Chrabot, the winner started biking with a 10 minute 15 second advantage.

But Major is among the best in the other two disciplines, so a great pursuit competition begun.

Major got nearer and nearer in the 180 km biking and got one minute ahead of Chabot, riding the second best time. The Hungarian Ironman performed even better in marathon running, he took his opponents over one by one, he tried to get on the podium from the fifth place. At the 16th km, he was fourth, seven kilometres later he was third. He stepped one more place ahead from there. Nevertheless, he had no chance of defeating Chabot, who ran a time 6 minutes 6 seconds better than Major.

According to his website, József Major was born on the 21th of January, 1979. He started his sports career at the age of ten.

He ran as a youth, but, following the suggestion of his teacher, Edith Soós, he started focusing on duathlon races as well.

She made it possible that Major could participate in several world games, as part of the Hungarian National Team, and they won the World Duathlon Champion title in 1996 in Ferrarra, Italy.

Major’s triathlon career started at the university, where László Papp and Dr. Géza Zakariás trained him and his results improved continuously. It soon turned out that long distance running was more suitable for him, so in 2002 he started preparing for that. He received the Ironman Hungarian Championship title seven times, of which he is genuinely proud. His best result was in the Hawaiian World Championship in 2011 and his first international ironman victory was in April 2008, Arizona. These made him an internationally recognised triathlete.

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