According to, saunas are the most efficient when used naked. Even though, the joys of unclothed sauna is still strange for most people in Hungary, more and more baths provide this service.

Naked sauna use is considered normal in West Europe, in fact, several bath complexes prohibit the use of bathing suits in the cabins because it is the most efficient when used without having clothes on. Bathing suits set back the body’s balanced flush and they make the cooling process last longer.

Moreover, most of us want to detoxify in the sauna, but bathing suits set back this process as well, because they catch sweat so the majority of toxins get back to the body through the bathing suit. When using the sauna naked, a protective layer is formed on the surface of the skin, which facilitates balanced flush and quick cooling.

It’s advised to choose a sauna, where towels are made from natural materials and the cabin has filtered-lights, because it helps with the intimacy and makes one feel comfortable. Several Hungarian baths have naked sauna sections, where you can try natural sultriness.

The Aquaworld Resort of Budapest is not only popular due to its fantastic slides and pools, but also its sauna séances. Its sauna section functions as a naked sauna every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, when the use of bathing suits is prohibited. The séance invokes the “spirit” of joy and euphoria in the dry and steam sauna. During the séances, the sauna master stays with the guests, heats up the cabin with aromatic pour-on gradually and stirs the hot air with towels and the sauna flag. This lasts for 12-15 minutes, but you can leave anytime. The process is finished by cooling down and relaxation.


One of the pioneers of naked saunas in Hungary was the Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre. They have joint saunas for men and women, where the use of bathing suits is prohibited, but you can use towels and sheets. The proper sauna adventure has 3-4 rounds and lasts for one and a half hours. The centre tries to help make up for the lost amount of liquid with healthy juices. They supply guests with water, juices, and herbal and fruit teas.

You can also try naked saunas in the Gyopáros Thermal Bath, Park and Adventure Pools. They separated a section with jacuzzis, infra cabins, danarium and aroma cabins and showers. Guests can buy complementary tickets or separate sauna tickets depending on whether or not they want to use the adventure pools.


Sometimes small, hidden baths are the most magical. Magyarhertelend, not far from Pécs, doesn’t only welcome visitors with naked saunas but also a high standard spa section. The Hertelend Thermal Bath has infra cabins, Finnish sauna, aroma sauna, master sauna and steam cabins. Its curiosity is a special endorphin sauna, which is the biggest Hungarian sauna with 60 seats. Its spaciousness and excellent light and sound technology is perfect for sauna programmes.

The Szent Erzsébet Spa of Mórahalom has a separate section for the lovers of nudity with jacuzzis, tropical adventure shower, infra sauna, bio sauna and an outside Russian sauna, where guests can even “bathe” in falling snow. The section can be used with a separate ticket and you can also ask for towels in exchange for deposit.

The sauna world of the Sárvár Spa and Wellness Centre is a specialty in itself. Finnish saunas, soft sauna, infra cabin, steam baths, aroma cabins, Kneipp pool, adventure showers, huge jacuzzis guarantee the ultimate relaxation. The calm and peaceful atmosphere has a great impact. They also have a naked section, for which they supply sauna sheets for free in exchange for deposit. This island is also great for those who don’t like overly hot saunas, because you can choose from a wide selection of saunas.

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