The Hungarian BMX cyclist community is heading towards its greatest opportunity so far. FISE Budapest will be held between 18th and 20th August at the Kopaszi Dam. Cyclists from 55 countries are expected for the event, according to the article of

Soon after the end of FINA, Budapest is ready to host another world championship: it will be the FISE World Series, which will be held at the Kopaszi Dam. This will be a part of a series of extreme sports events.

The champions of roller-skate freestyle, wakesurf, BMX flatland and BMX freestyle park will take part in the competition. But less experienced contenders can also take part in the challenge, thanks to the amateur and junior categories.

The Hungarian Cycling Federation encourages all BMX cyclists in Hungary to sign up for the races, no matter if amateur, junior, female or professional category. FISE is an excellent opportunity to show your talents in front of an international jury.

“Hungary has lots of talented young people, and this event may be a springboard for them.

If a cyclist ranks high in FISE, the international jury will not forget them. We hope that the event might help making BMX more popular, so people start looking at it as a type of sport instead of some kind of street entertainment.

Everyone will be convinced at the Kopaszi Dam that it requires more than an athlete’s agility and coordination to execute these spectacular stunts”, stated chairman of BMX Freestyle Hungary Róbert Pichler.

Chief manager of Hungarian Cycling Federation Dr Péter Princzinger also encourages those who like this unique sport. He emphasized that BMX freestyle will be included in the contest program of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, so FISE’s finest will become potential Olympians.

You can follow the Facebook event here.


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