Budapest, 2017. július 15. A 17. vizes világbajnokság köztéri szobrainak egyike, Szõke Gábor Miklós alkotása, az óriás-toronyugrást szimbolizáló orka a fõvárosi Batthyány térnél, a Sztehlo Gábor rakparton 2017. július 15-én. MTI Fotó: Kovács Attila

19th July 2017, Budapest- the animated animal sculptures known from the popular video spot of the 17th FINA World Championships were set up and designed by one of the biggest Hungarian contemporary artists, the internationally acknowledged, Miklós Gábor Szőke. The different pieces of the Water Legends sculpture series can be seen on more venues of the championships in the capital.

The central idea of the video spot of the 17th FINA World Championships, directed by Péter Juhász, was to embody the six disciplines of the Aquatic World Championships by using water creatures. These legendary animals show similarity both in their abilities and features to the characteristics of certain sports: swimming is symbolized by the most fearsome animal of the seas, the shark, open water swimming is presented by the “wanderer” of the seas, the whale. With its characteristic movements dolphin became the symbol of acrobatic diving, while orca in high diving, synchronized schools of fish in synchronized swimming and octopus in water polo became the emblems.

Designed by Miklós Gábor Szőke
Designed by Miklós Gábor Szőke
Designed by Miklós Gábor Szőke

Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky, deputy lord mayor, expressed her conviction that people visiting Budapest for the time of the FINA World Championships would enjoy the exceptional cultural values of Budapest. “As deputy lord mayor responsible for culture I believe it is very important that everybody who visits Budapest should be part of this unforgettable cultural experience regardless the purpose of their visit. I believe that by the newly implemented investments the Municipality of Budapest made our capital homier for the inhabitants. As host of the event, Budapest has been renewed in more aspects, the mascots created of Miklós Gábor Szőke will not only enrich the image of the city but the supporting atmosphere of the championships.”

Received by great success in the film, sculptures can be visited on different venues of the Aquatic World Championships from now on. In the supporter zone of the Danube Arena, the shark, the whale and the dolphin found their homes, and the octopus was moved to the FanZone of the Margaret Island for the time of the Aquatic World Championships. The school of fish can be found in the City Park (Városliget), the venue of the synchronized swimming, while the sculpture of the orca is providing compelling sight at the Batthyány Square, with the Parliament at its background.

Designed by Miklós Gábor Szőke
Designed by Miklós Gábor Szőke
Designed by Miklós Gábor Szőke

“Animals and sports have been more times connected during my work, I recon performance, elemental force and dynamism in animals are such traits which can make certain animals symbols of sports.”-said the artist, Miklós Gábor Szőke.

“All the sculptures were created as I dreamt them, they are located in those wonderful venues which are hosting races embodied by them.”

Miklós Gábor Szőke said, he is now over a very exciting and inspiring process, the creation of the “Water Legends” sculpture series, but he added it was an exceptional experience to see them coming to life in the film.”

“It was exciting to see after the film how the characters of all sculptures were built up and now they create a unity together. In the sculptures I combined rustic and industrial elements which are complementing each other. I mixed on purpose natural and marine elements with known swimming pool materials, like driftwood, vintage ship lantern and rustic steel with stainless steel elements. During the installation of the sculptures it was part of the concept that the venues of the creatures- hosting the races of the world championships-should be interpreted as contemporary exhibition spaces of the “Water Legends”-said the artist.

One of my newest sculptures, the Atlanta Falcons in the United States is located opposite to the center of the CNN. When I was there I met the marketing director, to whom I planned to show the campaign film with my sculptures of the world championships in my phone, when he said he had already known them.” explained the artist. “For me it was very moving when I realized the film and my sculptures are already known by the world.” He added he is sure that thanks to these, people will be aware of the values of our country and that the world championships are happening here. “I am happy that my sculptures are spreading the word about the Aquatic World Championships not only within the country but abroad.”

The English video spot is available on the following link:

Source: FINA – Budapest 2017

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