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Unlike women, men do not carry purses. In addition to a Slimthin slim wallet, they have to carry only the essentials and leave anything else at home, in the vehicle or office. And because pockets offer limited space, including only the crucial items in the everyday carry is important. In fact, men go wrong by completely missing out on some EDC essentials. The number of men who do not carry a flashlight, but are always moving with an expensive keychain might surprise you. When it comes to EDC, Hungarian businessmen think of functionality and not the quantity. Here are some of the essential items Hungarian businessmen include in their everyday carry.

– Credit cards 

You are unlikely to find someone who carries thousands of dollars in cash on a daily basis in the back pocket. However, emergencies can be expensive. If you own a high-limit credit card, consider yourself safe. If not, you are likely to get screwed. With a credit card, you can cover for a hotel room or replace your flat tire if a problem arose without cash. And because banks are not usually open 24/7, your access to cash is limited. A credit card allows you to continue spending as your heart desires.

– Wallet 

Aluminum, leather, titanium and beyond, you can get an EDC wallet to match your tastes. The modern wallets feature slim or minimalist designs to help men save on weight and space in their pockets. A minimalist wallet allows you to carry a few credit cards, IDs, cash and some other essentials.

– Phone charging cable

If you do not own a phone that recharges wirelessly, you should always carry a phone charging cable. Actually, it feels bad to let your smartphone remain dead throughout the day just because your charger is at home and you are working in your office. In reality, the computer or Apple store will not always be near you. Moreover, some gas stations offer spare cables, but no one would want to spend his hard earned money on something that is not genuine.

– Keychain 

When it comes to buying a keychain, you should think of it as part of your everyday carry. A quality one will eliminate the need for a bottle opener and some other tools. You will have to buy one that is easier to get out of the pocket – a large one is better. A small keychain will necessitate the addition of a paracord loop on one end for easier grabbing.

– Cash 

Do you remember the last time you went to buy gas at a station and there was a power outage? Possibly, you got screwed because you did not have some cash – the credit cards turned out to be worthless. Even though some gas stations have power backup generator, the number of those that do not have any form of power backup is still high. Cash is king, which means that it should not miss in your everyday carry list. It is the only thing that people access regardless of the weather or transaction fees.

– Mini USB thumb drive 

A mini USB thumb drive is all you need to transfer files from your office desktop to your laptop or from your home’s desktop to the laptop. USB thumb drives make the storage of files simple and faster for people who have not subscribed to cloud sharing services. And in fact, the internet will not always be connected. USB thumb drives, on the other hand, will always work when you need them.

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