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Christmas is not only the season of celebrating and gifting but cooking and baking, as well. This is the feast when Hungarian residents spend a lot of money to buy food and ingredients, for baking different kinds of Christmas cakes and cookies. The beijgli, the Hungarian snow crescents, the spice-cake, and the gingerbread are the essential delicacies of Christmas, but there are also many others that are worth a try.

CNN’s journalist and gastronomy expert Jen Rose Smith collected the best fifty cakes in Europe, featuring three traditional Hungarian ones.

Let’s have a look at these delicious Hungarian cakes!

Esterházy cake

This delicious and traditional Hungarian cake got its name after Count Esterházy. Its melting texture and sweet taste always ensured the popularity of this somewhat old-fashioned cake in Budapest, but this dessert can be found in Vienna and Sarajevo too. This creamy cake can be found in every confectionery in Hungary. Although it is famous in Hungary and we consider it as a Hungarikum, it was actually first made in Austria.

Esterházy cake, cake, delicious, dessert
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Hungarian snow crescents

This is indeed a traditional and unique Hungarian dessert which can be served with different kinds of jam to make it more tasty and unique. Snow crescents can also be filled with peach, plum, nuts and poppy. After it is ready, there is only one thing to do: to serve it with white sugar, which makes it even more festive.

cake, delicious, traditional, hókifli

Rigó Jancsi cake

This is the third featured Hungarian cake on the list. Its creamy and soft texture with a rich taste makes this cake attractive for everyone. This Hungarian cake got its name after a love story. The cake is usually filled with peach jam and chocolate mousse. Click here for the recipe.

Rigó Jancsi, cake, delicious, dessert
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

And there are still so many others to be found in the capital. For example, the chocolate chip cookies, doughnuts and old-time favourite brownie from the United States, which can be found in almost every Hungarian confectionery. Not to mention the delicious chocolate mousse from France, the German black forest cake, the fruity Apfelstrudel from Austria, and the Turkish baklava.

The most famous one on this list is probably the Italian Gelato. This sweet innovation is better than the usual ice-cream, and is made with many different tastes. The famous Austrian linzer torte – which is a favourite type of cake in Hungary – is also featured in the list, as well as the French lemon cake.

Besides popular desserts, there are a lot less known cakes as well. These peculiar but tasty cakes are for example:

  • Kashata (East-Africa)
  • Knafeh (Levant)
  • Kulfi (India)
  • Mandazi (South Sudan)
  • Polvorónes (Latin America)
  • Sticky rice with mango (Thailand)

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