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Hungarian Clubs in Europe’s Football Ranking

Hungarian Clubs in Europe’s Football Ranking

The index is the ranking of all football clubs in all highest divisions of all European nations. The index illustrates their relative strength. You can read here ranking of the Hungarian Football Clubs.

1 Bayern München (Germany)
2 Real Madrid (Spain)
3 Barcelona (Spain)
4 Manchester City (England)
5 Atlético Madrid (Spain)
6 Juventus (Italy)
7 Paris Saint Germain (France)
8 Arsenal Arsenal (England)
9 Manchester United (England)
10 Chelsea Chelsea (England)

116 Fehérvár (Hungary)
171 Debrecen (Hungary)
181 Györi ETO (Hungary)
313 Szombathelyi Haladás (Hungary)
333 Honvéd Honvéd (Hungary)

Top 10 Hungarian Clubs:
1 Fehérvár
2 Debrecen
3 Györi ETO
4 Szombathelyi Haladás
5 Honvéd Honvéd
6 Ferencváros
7 Újpest
8 Kecskeméti TE
9 Diósgyör
10 MTK Budapest

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