Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó inaugurated a compressor station operated by Hungary’s FSZG Ltd. gas delivery company at Csanádpalota near the Romanian border on Monday.

The creation of a two-way route for delivering natural gas between Hungary and Romania will further improve the security of gas supplies to Hungary, he said.

Connecting the gas networks of Hungary and Romania and increasing capacity have been the most important energy security development projects in Hungary in the past five years, Szijjártó said.

Once Romania completes its related development projects, the interconnector is expected to allow a two-way delivery of at least 1.75 billion cubic metres of natural gas a year from May 2020, he said.

The compressor will form part of a Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Austria energy corridor.

Completing a south-north supply route is of strategic importance for the region and will facilitate importing gas from Azerbaijan, liquefied natural gas from Greece as well as gas planned to be extracted off shore in the Black Sea, he added.

Szijjártó called for “progress in participating countries through taking action”. Each country should make further developments and create links between the national networks, he said, adding that “all this will become meaningful when we take new resources into consideration,too,” he added.

As we wrote last week, all gas storage reserves in Hungary are fully topped up, guaranteeing domestic supplies for the winter, Szijjártó said last Tuesday in Moscow.

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