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Bocuse d’Or 2018 Team Hungary,

Hungarian cooking team competes at prestigious Bocuse d’Or cooking contest in Lyon, France, between 28th – 29th January 2019. The four-person team practices 6 times a week, 5 and a half hours at least.

Team Hungary is practising on the contest’s real timeframe 6 days on a weekly basis, that is 5 hours 30 minutes long, each day. The boys will be participating in the world’s most prestigious cooking competition in Lyon, France – reports and

The cooking race was founded by Bocuse 32 years ago in Lyon, where a Hungarian MasterChef was a member of the jury last year. In every second year, 24 countries’ teams compete against each other. This year’s competition is going to be a special memorial for the last year’s death of Paul Bocuse and another chef-legend: Joel Robuchon, ‘Chef of the century’ who’s restaurants received 30 Michelin stars.

There are going to be two courses on the menu for each team: One is a traditional French vegetable chartreuse (layered vegetables) that should be prepared with specific shells topping. Each country’s team will have 32 scallops, 60 heart pans, 18 oysters and 60 scallops. If possible, all of these toppings must be used. The other one is a meat platter with calf chop with bones in them. A new challenge this year is that bones must be cooked with the meat together.

Last year’s Hungarian plate and platter:



Team members are Ádám Pohner (25) Chef at Kistücsük restaurant, Balatonszemes, Richárd Csillag commis (junior chef), Viktor Segal coach and Zoltán Hamvas, leader of Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy. Background help was provided by the Academy, thanks to which the team could have the maximum efforts and concentration to the task at practice. A number of cook students had a chance to participate in practising since the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy finds talent education very important.


Zoltán Hamvas talked about the fact that during practice, the Hungarian team is preparing while listening to thundering, very loud music, so that they can get used to the rumbling noisy audience at the contest.

Hungarian team at Bocuse d’Or
Hungarian team at Bocuse d’Or,

This huge pressure of the noise will distract them (hopefully only just minimally) so they best prepare to shout at each other when communicating instead of normal-volume chit-chatting. Two years ago Hungary took 4th place, let us hope 2019 will be similarly successful for the boys!

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