Szél Tamás

It has been announced that the Hungarian star chef, Tamás Szél will be part of the jury at the finale of the prestigious gastronomic competition Bocuse d’Or, reports.

The jury will consist of 14 renowned chefs, among them Jerome Bocuse, the son of the contest’s founder and Enrico Crippa, as well as the Italian star chef Carlo Cracco.

Szél Tamás
Tamás Szél. Photo:

The Hungarian chef has been selected after having won Bocuse d’Or Europe in 2016 and coming in as fourth at the world finale in 2017 in Lyon.

Hungary will be represented this year by 25-year-old Ádám Pohner, to compete on 11 June.

Organised in Italy for the first time, the contestants will have to incorporate in their dishes the characteristic products of the Piemonte region, such as the Castelmagno cheese, the Fassona Piemontese beef fillet, and the Baraggia Biellese e Vercellese rise. As a new element, a secret ingredient to be used will be revealed to the contestants only one day before the competition.

The contest, which will be held at the same time as the Turin Bakery World Cup, will take place in a former FIAT factory, which will host more than a thousand spectators.

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