Some of you might remember the short film titled Gift, which was one of the most viewed Hungarian videos on the internet in 2015. The company that produced the film, DeadLens Pictures has come out with several videos since then. According to, their aim is to attract attention to the most serious issues in our society.

Their latest short film titled Hope came out last week. It presents issues like social prejudices, and values like unconditional love, while also promoting reading and literature. This is all done in a beautiful and touching way.

Producer Attila Görögh told that sitting on a bus while reading a book is not so trendy nowadays. This is something that they wanted to highlight with a poem by Endre Ady, one of the most famous Hungarian poets. However, they present the poem from a new approach, thus also giving it a new meaning.

The main character of the short film is played by popular Hungarian actor Zoltán Mucsi. This was a pleasantly different role from what he is used to. “When we came up with the idea, Zoltán Mucsi was our N° 1 choice. I sent him the synopsis and he said yes right away” said the producer.


The poem titled I’d loved to be loved (Szeretném, ha szeretnének) is a beautiful confession. If you haven’t read it before, maybe you should do so first and watch the video only after that. However, the film presents it in a much more powerful and expressive way.

I’d loved to be loved by Endre Ady

I’m no heir, no proud ancestor,
I have no friend, no brother, sister,
I have never belonged,
I have never belonged.

I am, like every human: highness,
Iceberg, enigma, strange and timeless,
Distant will-o’-the-wisp,
Distant will-o’-the-wisp.

But, oh, I can’t remain unspoken,
I have to bare myself wide open,
Behold me, everyone,
Behold me, everyone.

In all self-torture, in every song,
I want to be loved, to belong.
Belong to somebody,
Belong to somebody.

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