You might know that the current British Ambassador to Hungary, Iain Lindsay is a very gallant man. He is even determined to learn the Hungarian language. He surprised us several times in the past years with videos, in which he speaks Hungarian like he’s always been learning it. In his newest video he beautifully recites a poem by Gyula Juhász in celebration of Hungary’s National Poetry Day.

Hungary celebrates National Poetry day on 11 April since 1964. The date is important, because it’s the birthday of Attila József, one of the best Hungarian poets who lived in the 20th century. The day is celebrated all around the country, and several events are organized to commemorate the poet’s achievements. Many reading circles invite poets and students to recite the poems, and several other poets’ works are also introduced.

Last year, the British Ambassador read Attila József’s “Tavasz van! Gyönyörű” (It’s spring! Beautiful!) which was just as touching as this year’s “Milyen volt…” (What was her blondness like…) by another famous Hungarian poet, Gyula Juhász. believes that Iain Lindsay is basically one of the coolest YouTubers, as he frequently posts videos in Hungarian. He didn’t only introduce himself in Hungarian upon arriving to our country, but also showed us his Scottish Budapest. But for now, enjoy Gyula Juhász’s most famous poem – recited by the British Ambassador.


But he wasn’t the only one to stun us with his kind Hungarian words. The French Ambassador to Hungary, Éric Fournier also posted a video in honour of the National Poetry Day. He recited János Lackfi’s “Billenytűk” (Key).

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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