Iain Lindsay, the new British ambassador to Hungary, spent a month at the Debrecen Summer University, learning about Hungarian language and culture, haon.hu reports.

The ambassador took over 100 Hungarian lessons as well as trips to Hortobágy and Eger. He went to concerts, visited the theatre and watched a football match in the Nagyerdő Stadium. He hopes to use Hungarian often during his service.

The Debrecen Summer University’s Hungarian as a foreign language programme is the most prestigious in the country, teaching more than 1000 students from over 40 countries each year. The university is dedicated to imparting knowledge not only on the language but Hungarian culture and gastronomy as well.

According to nepszava.hu, Ambassador Lindsay presented his Letters of Credence to President János Áder on March 30, 2016. On the occasion, he said: “It is a great pleasure and an honour to present my Letter of Credence. I hope that, as the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Hungary, I can contribute to the further strengthening of bilateral relations between our nations and people, as friends and allies.”

Lindsay has been a diplomat since 1980, working in Tokyo, Australia, Afghanistan, Romania, Hong Kong, and most recently Bahrain, where he served as the British ambassador. He is married and has a son.

Watch the ambassador’s introduction video in which he talks about his experiences in Hungarian:

Photo: MTI

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Source: haon.hu; nepszava.hu

  1. Bravo !!

    Spoken like a true gentlemen, unlike so many others this ambassador took the time to learn about us Hungarians and our language. He has earned my utmost respect.


  2. As a Canadian&Hungarian Citizen,
    I’d like to point out that even over the years i had born in Canada of having poked fun back and forth with the Brits here. We were all still part of the ‘bunch’, we have since added north and south asians as part of the ‘bunch’, but in the end, all of us share the same values, and we continue to grow together. The Brits set out more over seas to collect the bunch, the Huns did it more over land and so we respectfully share the same goals. This is what we need to protect. There’s always a bad bundle in the bunch, but like here there’s also a good bundle in the bunch which makes things all work out respectfully.

  3. This new ambassador has earned my respect.He seems kind, educated and well versed. His hungararian was very impressive.

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