The new and impressive building of the Museum of Ethnography is being built as a part of the Liget Budapest Project undertaken in the City Park. In a recently published video, you can take an exciting virtual tour inside the new building.

liget budapest project
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According to Turizmus, the video focuses on treats and representing the new building and structure of the museum for visitors. The visual content even shows the 3D scans of the exhibited objects and features impressive drone shots as well. As the earliest ethnography institute in Europe – opened in 1872 –, the museum moves first to a location which will completely serve its purpose to become the most famous museum on the continent.

The 3,000-square-meter exhibition room of the building will offer an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for visitors every day.

Not only permanent but temporary exhibitions will also be organised in spacious rooms. The old building used to have three times less space to exhibit unique objects. The building will also offer an event room for different kinds of meetings and events along with a cinema where movies dealing with the history of ethnography will be displayed.

For children, the institute will offer workshops, games, and other educational classes to learn more about the museum and its exhibits.

Museum of Ethnography
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