The lights go out while you sit in a leather chair worth approximately 3.5 million HUF (10,260 EUR). In the fading lights, you suddenly see an enormous screen worth 10 million HUF (30,000 EUR). The opening scene of Deadpool starts to be displayed, and the most modern audio system provides an excellent experience for your ears. Where are you right now? At the most luxurious cinema of the Hungarian capital.

Forbes reported that this cinema is located in District XXII among houses with gardens and has two major factors: it is almost as developed as an IMAX cinema, and you cannot buy any tickets to sit in. This is the main place of Dreamcinema where extremely wealthy people and maniac film lovers can spend millions on making their own movie experience or room.

Dreamcinema, Hungary
Dreamcinema, Hungary, movie

The interior design of the cinema looks like the flat of a movie-lover. On the wall, one of the leather jackets that Arnold Schwarzenegger wore in Terminator is hung, there is a two-metre-high Darth Vader figure and Freddie Krueger as well. There are also some lightsabers in the room, and at the entrance, the almost life-size Indiana Jones awaits guests.

Darth Vader, Dreamcinema, Hungary

The aim and income of the company are not to buy the most expensive cinema equipment but to provide screening rooms for movie enthusiasts. An average renting of one room is approximately 15 million HUF (44,000 EUR), but the complete almost movie theatre lookalike room costs 100 million HUF (293,000 EUR). Dreamcinema is not the only company in Hungary which is the leader of this cinema business. As the desires and requirements expressed by movie lovers are different, many other companies provide more and more similar but unique experiences as well.

Dreamcinema, movie
cinema, Dreamcinema

The company has many customers with extraordinary and strange requests. Someone only built a screening room here, without any reason or even living in the apartment at all. Another customer ordered a screen to be above the swimming pool to enjoy movies while swimming. And another customer wanted to spend so much money in the luxurious environment the company had to stop him/her from becoming moneyless.

The income of the company in 2019 is not known yet, but it is an estimated 100 million HUF (293,000 EUR).

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