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The Hungarian state has purchased British-Austrian-owned company Hirtenberger Defence Systems, Gáspár Maróth, the government commissioner in charge of coordinating defence industry development said in an interview published in Monday’s issue of daily Magyar Nemzet.

Hirtenberger has been developing artillery equipment and ammunition for 160 years. Under the contract signed on October 29, the company is now owned by Hungarian-owned HDT Vedelmi Ipari, Maróth said, adding that the new owner has no plans to change the way Hirtenberger is managed but Hungarian engineers will be involved in the company’s research and development activity.

The purchase price was kept a business secret at the request of the Austrian partner, the government commissioner said, adding that it was covered from a bank loan.

“With this purchase, we have acquired knowledge in the area of domestic high-caliber ammunition manufacturing that was earlier completely wound up, which would have taken four to five years and billions of taxpayers’ money to achieve,” he said.

About Hirtenberger Defence Systems

The company is a world leader in the development and delivery of complete, seamlessly integrated 60, 81 and 120mm smooth-bore mortar systems.

Hirtenberger Defence Systems (HDS) has a long and distinguished history of supplying the world’s leading defence forces with state-of-the-art ammunition and explosives.

HDS established in 1860.

Official site said:

“Leveraging cutting-edge technology and years of experience in the field, HDS has been manufacturing 60, 81 and 120mm calibre smooth-bore mortar systems for more than 50 years. HDS’s mortar bombs are of the highest combat effectiveness and provide maximum safety in hostile environments all over the world – without diminished levels of performance or durability. The product range includes all types of mortar ammunition, weapon systems, auxiliary field equipment, and aiming and sighting systems – tried, tested and in service by modern militaries the world over.”

Source: mti/hds.hirtenberger.com

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