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According to, the annual Dining Guide award show was held yesterday: Costes led by Chef Eszter Palágyi remains Hungary’s best restaurant, while if you want to try the country’s best street food, you have to travel to Miskolc.

The Volkswagen-Dining Guide ‘Restaurant of the Year’ gala was held in the Castle Garden Bazaar. Besides the best Hungarian restaurants, it also turned out where the best street food place can be found and who the best chef in the country is. This year confectioneries were awarded as well.

The editorial staff of Dining Guide puts together the TOP100 list after visiting more than 200 restaurants. Throughout the year, they also send anonymous testers to the places. The best 20 restaurants are visited by international experts, who rank the top 10 places.

The special prizes were announced before the main category. The ‘Confectionery of the Year’ is the Mihályi Patisserie found in Vác, Borkonyha’s wine selection received the award for ‘Best Wine-List’, while the Pizza, Kávé, Világbéke of Miskolc was chosen as the ‘Street Food of the Year’.

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The ‘Restaurant of the Year’ award was given to the Michelin starred Costes, led by Chef Eszter Palágyi.

“The fine dining restaurant continues to perform on an outstanding level. The chef working without compromises aims to lead a Hungarian cuisine in the frameworks of Costes’s progressive approach.”

Borkonyha follows the winner, Hungary’s first Michelin starred bistro. Then comes the similarly popular Onyx, Bábel, Costes Downtown, Fáma and several other restaurants that represent excellent quality catering. writes that this year, they published an unusual TOP10, which is actually ‘top 10+2’. Since Dining Guide primarily evaluates restaurants based on how they comply with the standard accepted from them, two more restaurants were added that are not “traditional super restaurants” as they work with progressive menus, informal style and service. Still, they definitely belong to the best.

TOP 10+2 Hungarian restaurants:

  1. Costes
  2. Borkonyha
  3. Onyx
  4. Babel
  5. Costes Downtown
  6. Stand 25
  7. Fáma
  8. Mák
  9. Andrea Borbár
  10. Anyukám Mondta
  11. Olimpia
  12. Arany Kaviár

TOP 10 restaurants in the Hungarian countryside:

  1. Anyukám Mondta
  2. Kistücsök
  3. Platán
  4. Sauska48
  5. Sparhelt
  6. Tiszavirág
  7. Villa Medici Mild
  8. Macok
  9. Pajta
  10. Viator

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