A man and a Hungarian woman, who used to work as a prostitute, established a criminal organisation with another Swiss man to exploit girls. The authorities found and arrested six individuals related to the organisation; all of them will stand in front of the jury soon.

Origo reported that with the help of Eurojust, which is an agency of the European Union dealing with judicial co-operation in criminal matters among agencies of the member states, three members of the criminal organisation would stand in court in Hungary, and the other three in Switzerland. One of them is a Hungarian woman who used to work as a prostitute in Hungary, and in 2013, she discovered the benefits of selling girls in foreign countries. She decided – with the help of her partner – to recruit young women in Hungary for jobs in foreign countries.

The man took these women to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Belgium where they had to work as prostitutes.

Until October 2016, the Hungarian couple worked together with a Swiss citizen. They created a criminal organisation where everyone had their own tasks, and the income was agreed between the members. The Hungarian couple continued to recruit women for sexual jobs. These women were transported to other countries by the Swiss citizen who works in the field of transportation. The women were housed in the Swiss citizen’s house from where other men of the criminal association brought them to customers. The Hungarian woman, who lives in Switzerland, was responsible for teaching these women.

The women had to give half of their income to the members of the association in exchange for accommodation, transportation and the advertisements towards customers, but they had to pay an additional amount of money for taking them to men.

The members of the association were sentenced to prison for stealing money from the women and for taking part in human trafficking.

Hungarian police catch a big fish: a group of four running prostitutes in Iceland

The National Bureau of Investigation and the Police are investigating the case of Lajos J. and company for human trafficking and other criminal offences on the basis of reasonable suspicion. According to the data collected during the investigation, the 38-year-old man has evidently been employing a girl from Szeged as a prostitute for at least eight years in the Netherlands, Denmark and Iceland.


Source: www.origo.hu

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