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Four people were arrested by the police in Szeged for human trafficking, money laundering and pimping, says HVG.hu.

The National Bureau of Investigation and the Police are investigating the case of Lajos J. and company for human trafficking and other criminal offences on the basis of reasonable suspicion. According to the data collected during the investigation,

the 38-year-old man have evidently been employing a girl from Szeged as a prostitute for at least eight years in the Netherlands, Denmark and Iceland.

He took most of the money she earned, sometimes all of it, to pay for his own and his family’s living.

It seems Lajos was aware of the fact that a friend of his, Mihály P., similarly exploited another girl from the southeastern Hungarian city. When Mihály had been taken to jail due to a final sentencing made earlier, he asked Lajos to take over controlling the other girl ran by him for one and a half years. He transported this girl to Iceland as well and arranged her housing in accordance with his friend’s guidelines. She could not keep the money she earned either. Mária J., a relative of Lajos, was also involved; she helped him to invest the illegal income into properties. Moreover, it is certain that the wife of Mihály P. withdrew the money arising from prostitution.

On 6th November, the National Bureau of Investigation was organising raids in several locations in Szeged. The police arrested the four suspects and searched their properties.

They found large amounts of cash, jewellery, cars, IT and telecommunication devices.

On top of that, they seized documents in connection with the crime, five property rights and their usufructuaries in the city. The arrested individuals were interrogated as suspects and then were taken into custody. The police made a proposal to imprison them.

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Source: hvg.hu

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