According to, a man and a woman enticed young girls from Hungarian institutions with the promise of earning a lot of money. They took them to Slovakia, where they aggressively forced them to have sexual intercourse, and even drugged them several times.

The police is investigating the case of H. Zs. and Ó. T. for procurement, child prostitution and incitement to the use of narcotics. The man and the woman originally lived in a Slovakian settlement.

The police believes that they have been enticing girls living in Hungarian institutions with the promise of earning money since the spring of 2016. They took the girls with them to Slovakia, where they forced them into prostitution with threat and beating.

The 36-year-old man and the 28-year-old woman set up scenarios where the girls had to have sexual intercourse with foreigners. They took away the money from the girls to make a living in Hungary.

During the investigation it also turned out that they even drugged girls many times, so that they would be dopey and wouldn’t be able to resist.

The police captured the man and the woman in the city centre of Miskolc on the 6th of September. When searching their car, they found several objects that can be connected to the crime.

The Department against International Crime of the Hungarian Intervention Police’s National Bureau of Investigation took over the case and proposed the detention of the suspects.

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