Austrian news site Presse published a report about underage prostitution in Vienna. It may surprise most of the public, but the Hungarian children were in the focus. The shocking fact is that there are kids among the prostituted children who have not even passed their twelfth year.

The report claims that about fourth of the children are from Hungarian origins. According to Borsonline, Austrian authorities have information about at least twenty young boys and girls who appear in the area of Prater time to time.

The children who make a living of prostitution usually come from the deeply poor layer: many of them are orphans who were taken by man traders. It is not unusual among them to be under twelve.

This type of market is well organized. Ponces are careful to avoid police interference and observers are applied to keep their eyes open in the area. Many of the children do not even speak German at all, so they carry papers which inform customers about the prices. The average fee varies between 5-20 euros. The “purchase” is often done in a parking lot. The Austrian authorities neutralized a Hungarian network last year, which forced 23 girls and 5 boys to satisfy the customers’ sexual desires. The young prostitutes vanished for a while, only to return as the weather became favorable again.

Great efforts are put into helping the victims. The Austrian police cooperates with the Hungarian police and some civilian organizations for the cause. These helping services include placing the rescued victims into special institutions in Hungary.

Chairman of Association of Hungarian Sex Workers Ágnes Földi was not aware of the Hungarian network in Vienna. However, she states that Hungarian prostitutes can be found anywhere in Europe. In many cases, they flee abroad from the Hungarian law.

She is sure that the Austrian authorities will do everything to stop child prostitution.

Criminologist Dr Erzsébet Tamási published a study about Hungarian prostitution two years ago. The surprising result was that nowadays not only the children from the poorest conditions do prostitution, but some high school students also turn to this type of crime in the hope of money and an easier life.

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