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Migrants continue hunger strike at Serbia-Hungary border

Migrants continue hunger strike at Serbia-Hungary border

Zagreb, July 27 (MTI) – Around ninety migrants have been holding a hunger strike at the Serbia-Hungary border near Horgos for the fourth consecutive day, demanding Hungary to open its border to them, an MTI correspondent reported from the site on Wednesday.

According to unconfirmed reports, another hundred migrants wanted to join the protest at the Subotica reception centre early on Wednesday, but police prevented it. Around ten police officers have been sent to the site to patrol nearby areas and maintain peace and order.

On Sunday 130 of the 300-400 migrants who had set off from Belgrade to Serbia’s northern border late last week arrived at the Horgos-Röszke border zone demanding passage through Hungary to western Europe. The migrants, mainly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, told public news channel M1’s correspondent that they planned to start a hunger strike in protest of Hungary’s tightened border rules.


One of them said they would protest at the border for 3-4 days but some members of the group later left for the nearby transit zone while several others joined. According to press reports, three members of the group were taken to hospital in Subotica on Tuesday afternoon because they showed signs of distress.

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Source: MTI


  1. les nyikos

    All young men, should be in their own country and fight for their freedom,

  2. Máté Pál

    If these so called migrants are on a hunger strke, why are they drinking. A human body can go for days on nothing but water. This is a farce with these illegal migrants. Besides, if they want to go on hunger strikes, let them carry on and kill themselves. What is going on is nothing more than a show. We do not want them in our country.

  3. british ex pat

    Let the buggers starve. No sympathy.

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