According to, the hiding canals of Óbuda Gasworks came into sight, due to the Danube’s low water levels. It is possible that several poisonous substances have been coming out of these canals, but nobody has done anything to prevent them. Experts of Greenpeace examined the water to find out how bad the situation is. Hint: very bad.

Greenpeace’s experts took a sample from the water where these canals are, and the results are shocking.

Samples contain an extremely dangerous amount of carcinogen substances which lead to carcinogenesis, the formation of cancer. The poisoned water can be harmful to anyone who goes in the water or breathes in the gases on the shore. Due to the low water levels, it can easily flow into humans’ wells.

The capital city and the government had several plans concerning what could be done with the area of Óbuda Gasworks. Not so long ago, the government was thinking about building a Velodrome for the Olympic Games. Even though the country did not get the opportunity to host the games, the government kept the idea of building the stadium. However, the project was soon postponed.

Although the situation was reported to the city council and several environmental organisations’ measurements were taken, the problem was easy to hide as the poisonous substances only flow into the river when water levels are low.

A possible solution would be to build several strainer wells on the shoreline. These wells would clean the surface of the water as well as the deeper parts and would prevent the ground from dirt and poisoning.

Greenpeace is currently waiting for an intervention from the authorities to find out who is responsible for the poisoning, and, of course, the possible methods and ideas to protect the river Danube before it is too late.

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