Members of a criminal association have been arrested by the Hungarian authorities for pimping prostitutes abroad. The five criminals have traded women among themselves for 1,000 EUR as well. They have been caught after many years of investigation.

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According to, the five criminals even locked the women in and threatened them with stealing their personal belongings. The database found by the authorities claims that the criminals’ prostitute business started in 2014. The criminals got the girls for the job with false promises from which they could not escape in time.

The women were usually from a poor family with nothing in their pockets. Only women without the knowledge of foreign languages were chosen in order to make it hard to get help for themselves.

Many women suspected that something was not right with the offer, but eventually, they chose the job because it was better than being penniless. Some of them were even threatened for not being willing to have a sexual relationship with one of the clients. From another woman, every one of her official documents was taken and locked up.

The criminals took these women mostly to Augsburg and Nürnberg. They did not use physical aggression but could not stand when the women said no.

The five members of the band were caught in November. They were arrested immediately, and their trial begins soon.

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