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 A team of Hungarian doctors successfully performed in Bangladesh one in a series of operations aimed at separating a pair of Siamese twins conjoined at their skulls and brains, the daily Magyar Idők said on Tuesday.

The doctors succeeded at the weekend in separating the veins in the brains of the two-year-old patients, the paper quoted neurological surgeon András Csókay as saying. Complicated operations in which the skulls and the brains are to be separated still lie ahead, he added.

The paper reported that the young patients are doing well.

But such operations carry huge risk: on average both patients die in nearly 50 percent of separation procedures.

In the operation, team member István Hudák passed catheters into the twins’ femoral veins and into their brains, Csókay told the paper, adding that Hudák was the only doctor in the world capable of performing the unique procedure.

Csókay said he prayed when he had first seen photos of the twins.

“God gave me the idea to block the veins by way of catheters to ensure a much better chance of survival.” “It is easier to attain the truths of science through prayer and fasting,” he added.

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Photo: Pixabay – illustration

Source: MTI

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