There are many options for Hungarian parents who would like their children to study in private schools and not in regular ones. The only obstacle of these institutions is that in most cases, parents need to dig very deep into their pockets.

Pénzcentrum reported that although there are several schools in Hungary, especially in Budapest, there are parents who still choose private education for their children. These private schools await students with a whole different system, philosophy, and environment; to sum up, definitely with a more developed structure than regular schools in the country.

Those who choose these kinds of education really need to dig deep into their pockets as the tuition fee can be millions of HUF (thousands of EUR).

Here are some examples:

  • MOA Private Primary School – 1,260,000 HUF/year (3,660 EUR)
  • Tág Világ Primary School – 1,020,000 HUF/year (2,970 EUR)
  • Carl Rogers Kindergarten and Primary School – 1,012,000 HUF/year (2,940 EUR)
  • Tópark Alternative School – 1,620,000 HUF/year (4,700 EUR)
  • Alma Mater Primary School of Újbuda – 1,250,000 HUF/year (3,630 EUR)
  • AKG Primary and Grammar School – 1,200,000 HUF/year (3,490 EUR)
  • Budapest School – 1,500,000–1,800,000 HUF/year (4,360–5,230 EUR)
  • British International School Budapest – 3,500,000–6,700,000 HUF/year (10,180–19,480 EUR)
  • American International School Budapest – 6,000,000 HUF/year (17,440 EUR)
  • International School of Debrecen – 2,897,500–4,727,500 HUF/year (8,430–13,780 EUR)
  • Budapest German School – 1,360,000 HUF/year (3,950 EUR)


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