Hungarian elite

As we already reported, the state-financed Hungarian education system struggles with many problems. For example, in January thousands of students protested for a fairer and more modern education system. Therefore, those who can afford it enrol their children in private schools where parents believe they will receive a better education. In fact, Hungary is not short of these schools where mostly the children of the Hungarian elite study. According to, there are Hungarian and international ones, of course, the latter is more expensive. Consequently, the tuition fee goes up from 35 thousand HUF (100 EUR) to 5 million HUF (EUR 16,000).

The state education system does not function well

In fact, if we google ‘Budapest private school’ there will be more than 29 thousand hits. Of course, in Hungary education from kindergarten to university is free for every citizen. However, the Hungarian state-financed education system bleeds from a thousand cuts. For example, there is an

ever-growing shortage of teachers who are overloaded and underpaid.

Furthermore, the Hungarian education system does not have good results. For example, according to the results of the 2017 PISA-study,

Hungarian students perform poorly in Maths, reading comprehension, natural sciences and cooperative problem-solving.

Thus, private schools appear an attractive alternative for those who can afford them. However, finding the best price, pedagogical method, schedule or group number can be challenging since the supply is huge.

The Hungarian private schools are cheaper

In fact, Pénzcentrum was curious how much the tuition fees are in the different schools, how high the number of over applicants is and when the application period ends.

Firstly, the tuition fee in Waldorf Elementary School of Óbuda is 35-40,000 HUF (EUR 120-130), but

they take into consideration the financial status of the family.

Furthermore, altogether 505 students learn in the school, and last year they had 100 applicants for the 50-56 places.

Secondly, in case of Waldorf School of Zugló, the tuition fee is the same. Besides, parents have to pay a one-time enrolment fee.

Hungarian elite
Unfortunately, the Hungarian state-financed education does not perform well. There is a considerable shortage of skilled teachers who are overloaded and underpaid.

The elementary department of the Alternative Secondary School of Economics starts in September and more than 1,000 students already applied. In fact, the standard tuition fee is 100 thousand HUF (EUR330)/month. However, half of the places are filled with those students who are eligible and

whose parents offered the most.

They added that they could offer social scholarships with the help of this money.

Furthermore, in case of Carl Rogers Person Centred Elementary School tuition fee is 891 thousand HUF (EUR 2,852)/year. However, this price includes books, meals and a one week camp before the summer holiday, as well. The demand is high; they have an average of 90 applicants to the 20 available places.

In case of Budapest School

the average monthly tuition fee is 130 thousand HUF (EUR 416).

This contains the price of the meals, too.

International schools are the most expensive

To start with, registration fee in the German School of Budapest is 1,950 EUR while the yearly tuition fee is 3,842 EUR. Furthermore, an elementary school year in the French School of Budapest costs 1.556 million HUF (EUR 4981). This sum is 3.1 million HUF (EUR 9,969) in the British International School.

Hungarian elite
Considerable difference: the American International School of Budapest.

Furthermore, Britannica International School costs 3.45 million HUF (EUR 11,205) while Greater Grace International School 3.385 million HUF (EUR 10,840). Students studying

in the American International School have to pay 19,800 USD.

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