Washington, DC, October 5 (MTI) – The packed out screening of a documentary dubbed Journey Home marked the launch of a film festival at the Hungarian embassy in Washington, DC, in honour of the 1956 Hungarian revolution, late on Tuesday local time.

Journey Home is a documentary by two sisters, Réka and Eszter Pigniczky, about their father László Pigniczky, who was a freedom fighter in Budapest in 1956. The film follows the sisters over a two-year period, as they take their father’s ashes from Pennsylvania to Hungary and research their father’s story in 1956.

Tuesday’s screening was also attended by Eszter’s mother, Katalin Vörös.


The film was made ten years ago and fetched an award at the Hungarian film festival. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution, it will be screened for Hungarian communities around the US in the weeks ahead, including in San Francisco and Cleveland next week.

Other films to be screened at the embassy in Washington DC during the festival will include Freedom Dance, Ticket to Freedom, Freedom’s Fury and Torn from the Flag.

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Source: MTI

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