The 60th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution


Hungary commemorates martyred 1956 PM Imre Nagy

PM Imre Nagy, #Hungary's legitimate head of government in #1956, was executed on this day 60 years ago #hungarian #history #commemoration #cccp #communism

Victims of communism biographies to be published after October Revolution anniversary

A new biography will be posted every day

Hungary marks anniversary of 1956 Soviet reprisal

The Hungarian government in 2013 declared November 4 to be a national day of mourning.

Conference held on 1956 revolution in Vienna

"Western political elite" had "betrayed" Hungary in 1956 while the people of the West had shown an "unprecedented" level of solidarity to Hungarians

1956 monument in New York to be unveiled on March 15

The 1956 monument will be unveiled on March 15 in New York #usa #hungary #1956 #newyork #manhattan #monument

Hungarian house speaker unveils memorial to 1956 revolution in Mexico

Mexico City (MTI) – House Speaker Lászlo Kövér inaugurated a memorial dedicated to the heroes of the Hungarian revolution and freedom fight in 1956, at the […]