The 60th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution


Hungary commemorates martyred 1956 PM Imre Nagy

PM Imre Nagy, #Hungary's legitimate head of government in #1956, was executed on this day 60 years ago #hungarian #history #commemoration #cccp #communism

Victims of communism biographies to be published after October Revolution anniversary

A new biography will be posted every day

Hungary marks anniversary of 1956 Soviet reprisal

The Hungarian government in 2013 declared November 4 to be a national day of mourning.

Conference held on 1956 revolution in Vienna

"Western political elite" had "betrayed" Hungary in 1956 while the people of the West had shown an "unprecedented" level of solidarity to Hungarians

1956 monument in New York to be unveiled on March 15

The 1956 monument will be unveiled on March 15 in New York #usa #hungary #1956 #newyork #manhattan #monument

Hungarian house speaker unveils memorial to 1956 revolution in Mexico

Mexico City (MTI) – House Speaker Lászlo Kövér inaugurated a memorial dedicated to the heroes of the Hungarian revolution and freedom fight in 1956, at the […]

2017 to be year of major cultural investments, says Hungarian government

Budapest, January 15 (MTI) – The year ahead will be one of major cultural investments in Hungary, with the government set to spend more than 125 […]

1956 Revolution – The first brick that was pushed out of the wall of communism – VIDEO

For us to understand the difficulties Hungary has been going through since 1989, first we need to analyze life under Soviet occupation and how it impacted […]

1956 celebratory event in Krakow – Orbán: new era of prosperity starting in central Europe

Krakow, December 9 (MTI) – A new period of prosperity is starting in central Europe and young people will have to find new ways to nurture […]

The Revolution of 1956: Here are the leaders of the retaliation

The Committee of National Remembrance has released the biographies of those leaders who participated in the retaliations following the Revolution of 1956, reports. During the […]

Hungary thanks solidarity of sportsmen who boycotted 1956 Melbourne Olympics

Budapest, November 21 (MTI) – Speaker of Parliament László Kövér on Monday met Dutch, Swiss and Spanish veteran athletes visiting Budapest who boycotted the 1956 Melbourne […]

Hungarian president discusses bilateral ties, 1956 with New Zealand prime minister – UPDATE

Wellington, November 14 (MTI) – Hungarian President János Áder discussed the possibilities of economic cooperation, including thermal water projects, with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key […]

The board game of the year: Become a 1956 revolutionary!

Heroes were born in 1956. Heroes, who shed blood for their homeland. Heroes, who contributed to the freedom of Hungary. Heroes, who we should always remember. […]

President of Hungary marks 1956 anniversary in Sydney

Sydney, November 8 (MTI) – President János Áder attended a ceremony marking the 60th anniversary of the 1956 anti-Soviet revolution in Sydney on Tuesday. In his […]

Hungarians mourns the victims of the Soviet invasion took place 60 years ago – Photo gallery

On November 4, 1956 Soviet forces launched an all out attack on the capital. More than 200 thousand Soviet troops streamed into the country to put […]

Hungarian minister: Whole nation should jointly remember Gulag victims, 1956 heroes

Budapest, November 6 (MTI) – Remembering the victims of Soviet forced labour camps, the heroes of the thwarted anti-Soviet revolution of 1956 and heroic Hungarian soldiers […]

Austrian politicians, Hungarian minister mark 1956 anniversary of Soviet reprisal

Andau, Austria (MTI) – Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern and Hungarian Human Resources Minister Zoltán Balog jointly commemorated the 60th anniversary of the Soviet reprisal of Hungary’s […]

1956 – President Áder attends commemoration of 1956 martyrs

Budapest, November 4 (MTI) – President János Áder attended a ceremony marking the anniversary of Hungary’s anti-Soviet uprising, on November 4, the day when the revolution […]

Hungary commemorates 1956 Soviet invasion

Budapest, November 4 (MTI) – The Hungarian flag was raised and then lowered to half-mast with military honours in front of Parliament on Friday to mark […]

1956 committee calls for lighting candle in tribute to martyrs

Budapest, November 3 (MTI) – The 1956 commemoration committee asks all Hungarians to light a candle in tribute to the martyrs of the 1956 anti-Soviet revolution […]